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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with metal detoxification using a zeolite product such as ACZ nano? I had a family member that recently visited a naturopath and was given a DMSA challenge test which came back high for lead. The naturopath is recommending a detox protocol using this zeolite. However, the final cost of the zeolite, follow-up visits and retesting is likely to be around $1400. I have read much on DMSA ...
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things that stimulate immune system

According to this magnesium and vit b stimulate it

<--- frustrated
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Re: Glutathione and the Role of Inflammation in MS

Excess Glutamate and insufficient Glutathione does lots of damage in the 2nd stage of MS. (DO NOT PANIC!!!) THIS IS ONLY TWO(2) PAGES LONG!~!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!


Increase glutathione - reduce glutamate levels


One of the best ways to counter Glutamate excitotoxicity and resulting neuron deaths is to increase glutathione levels.

Unfortunately, glutathione supplements taken orally are very poorly absorbed and have not raised glutathione levels in the blood. ...
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Sublingual curcumin?

Curcumin has very poor absorption into the bloodstream via the gastrointestinal tract. What about a sublingual curcumin as an alternative? Would it be possible to just simply dump out the contents of a curcumin capsule under your tongue? Or perhaps mixing it with a little oil like olive oil or something?

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Valerian root

This is great and helps sleep, I take 3-5 an hour before bedtime and it helps greatly, along w/Epitol for nerve pain, makes for a nice sleep.

Anyone else take it?
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Blood test results - Calling Jimmylegs

Had a set of blood test results today which would appear to show Im on the right track (Thanks Jimmylegs :-D ).

Vitamin D - 88.9ng/ml / 222nmol/L

Uric Acid - 7 mg/dl

B12 - 963 pg/ml

Zinc 0.89 mg/dl

Mg - 2 mg/dl

My Eosinophil count was 14%! - undoubtably thanks to the 70 odd hookworm that I am resident to ...
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need something simple

i want to take a natural approach to my MS treatment but i dont know where to begin. Theres so many suggestions out there and after researching, the info gets jumbled up. It would be great if there would be a really simple list of natural remedies and what they help, but i cant find anything like that. It would be great if someone can help me out with this.
God bless
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TH17 Chinese Herb Offers Hope to MS Patients

Chinese Herb Offers Hope to MS Patients : The Promise of Halofluginone

The Effects of the Uygur Herb Hyssopus Officinalis L. on the Inflammatory Factors and Correlation Factors of Th17 Cells of Asthmatic Rats ... -Rats.html

hope it help
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Beneficial Flora, do you or do you not?

My wife and I have for many years been quite careful with our diet. As a rule we do not eat processed foods, rarely eat out, eat fresh vegetables/fruits with all our meals, and try and eat organic meats, vegetables, and fruits when possible. Since my work was food related, I am very conscious of the what, how, and where our food came from and how it got to our plate within our budget.

Furthermore, ...
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