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Hot Head

Hello Everyone, I need some help here. I have what I refer to as "hot head". My right foot will be purple because it is so cold but my head looks like I just stepped out of the shower :( . The sweat runs down my face and neck. Last November I had angio for CCSVI and it went away for 5 days ...
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Coral Calcium

I was at a friends memorial service yesterday, and a close friend of mine asked why I had some twitching and extreme fatigue going on, I continued to explain to him that I had been diagnosed with MS and this comes along with the territory. He then proceeded to tell me his aunt had MS for 10 years and about a year ago had tried coral calcium. I asked him what the difference was between ...
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Sorry if this has already been discussed. Does anyone have any insight into this or personal experience? Thanks. :-)
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Which of these vitamins are not necessary?

Out of these vitamins, which would not be necessary for an MS and CCSVI sufferer?

Omega 3 Fish Oils
Cod Liver oil

Beta Carotene
Grapeseed extract
Green Tea extract
Milk Thistle extract

Vitamin B50
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin B12

Also i take a Calcium/Magnesium combined tablet 2times daily, this one:

<shortened url>

would it be better to take calcium and magnesium in two seperae tablets?
- ...
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really great article

I found this article, and it was really well put together.

I kind of wanted to start a thread that had similar broad level overviews of supplements for MS like this one I found. It would be very helpful if some of you could share. My kitchen cabinets are beginning to look like a drugstore curiosities!
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Just wondering if anyone has heard of and or tried L'Arginine? Very curious about this med. but unsure if it is even worth the risk....anyone?
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There's been some talk of Vinpocetine for MS (mainly by JackD). I just started taking 2x10mg a day though I haven't seen much difference. If anything, a few symptoms may be exaggerated, but I doubt it's from this.

Anyway, here is a nice monograph on it:
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Prpblems with melatonin - big time!!!

Most MS folks know this. But here is the proof. I am sure someone has not
seen it spelled out like this.


1: Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2001 Mar;10(3):467-76

The immunotherapeutic potential of melatonin.
Maestroni GJ.

Center for Experimental Pathology, Istituto Cantonale di Patologia, PO Box,
Locarno, Switzerland.

The interaction between the brain and the immune system is essential for the
adaptive response of an organism against environmental challenges. In this
context, the ...
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Medical QiGong anyone?

I guess it's more of an exercise but you can't get more natural than working with the earths energy!

Started practicing medical QiGong last fall and have been pleased with some minor changes in my physical and mental self.

Just wondering if anyone else practices it.

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HI my name is seeva .last week friend of mind gave me a book written by
DR. RAY D. STRAND.its cover m.s and otherneurodegenaative disseases.he cured most of the neroligical dieases using nutritonal medicine only like USANA'S ESSENTIALS AND MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS.the dr claims that most of the our doctor doen't know about nutritional medicine may be killing us.
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