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Magnesium is lower in MS patients

Magnesium was found to be significantly lower in MS patients vs. controls.

Comparison of serum Concentration of Se, Pb, Mg, Cu, Zn, between MS patients and healthy controls.
Electron Physician. 2016 Aug 25;8(8):2759-2764.

    INTRODUCTION: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is defined as one of the inflammatory autoimmune disorders and is common. Its exact etiology is unclear. There are some evidences on the role of environmental factors in susceptible genetics. The aim of this study is to evaluate ...
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2016 review:case for zinc treatment for cancer (fascinating)

OT but still auto-immune stuff so:

Decreased zinc in the development and progression of malignancy: an important common relationship and potential for prevention and treatment of carcinomas
free full text:

Efficacious chemotherapy does not exist for treatment or prevention of prostate, liver, and pancreatic carcinomas, and some other cancers that exhibit decreased zinc in malignancy. Zinc treatment offers a potential solution; but its support has been ...
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2017 review: Nutritional Considerations for Healthy Aging

Nutritional Considerations for Healthy Aging and Reduction in Age-Related Chronic Disease
free full text:

"A projected doubling in the global population of people aged >60 y by the year 2050 has major health and economic implications, especially in developing regions. Burdens of unhealthy aging associated with chronic noncommunicable and other age-related diseases may be largely preventable with lifestyle modification, including diet. However, as adults age they become ...
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Has anyone tried vinpocetine? It's been cited to increase cerebral perfusion.

Clinical Indications: Chronic Cerebral Vascular Ischemia
Two PET studies in chronic stroke patients have shown that vinpocetine has a significant effect in increasing glucose uptake and metabolism in the healthy cortical and subcortical regions of the brain, particularly in the area surrounding the region of the stroke. 21 A study in 15 chronic ischemic stroke patients found ...
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Supplement info site

I recently ran across the site and it looks like a good source for getting basic background information on supplements. Their supplements section contains a fairly well rounded list of 396 supplements that might be of interest.
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2009 case study review: GERD, PPIs, magnesium & D3

i found this article by searching the literature for magnesium and d3 interactions. although it only looks at one older female patient, the data is still interesting.
the play by play:

Hypomagnesaemia due to use of proton pump inhibitors – a review
"Magnesium homeostasis is essential for many intracellular processes and depends on the balance of intestinal absorption and renal excretion. Hypomagnesaemia may arise from various disorders. ...
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Will try curcumin + piperine

Hello There,

Can experienced people regarding nutriments (Jimmy Legs, NHE, Elliot, others?) help here?

I will try the combo curcumin+piperine as it should help to repair spinal cord & axon injuries...

However, I am already taking a lot of supplements, so I'm afraid of interactions between these products.

Here is the list of my supplements (per day) :
-Magnesium: 300mg
-Vit B6: 2mg
-vit D: 4000UI
-Omega3: 525mg
-Vit B12 (methylcobalamin): 1000µg
-Biotin: 300mg ...
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Buyer Beware: Shady Supplements

So I was investigating a new supplement I saw advertised in the coupons from my Sunday paper. It's called Cognium and it's sold by Natrol. A website was given where many good things were said about it, e.g., it enhances glucose uptake in neurons, it improves cerebral blood flow, it binds to beta-amyloid and reduces clusters and tangles, it enhances cognitive and memory performance and on and on. It sounds like everything an MS patient ...
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Liposome-based immunotherapy, therapeutic effect on MS

Liposome-based immunotherapy against autoimmune diseases: therapeutic effect on multiple sclerosis.
Nanomedicine (Lond). 2017 Jun;12(11):1231-1242.

    AIM: Based on the ability of apoptosis to induce immunological tolerance, liposomes were generated mimicking apoptotic cells, and they arrest autoimmunity in Type 1 diabetes. Our aim was to validate the immunotherapy in other autoimmune disease: multiple sclerosis.

    MATERIALS & METHODS: Phosphatidylserine-rich liposomes were loaded with disease-specific autoantigen. Therapeutic capability of liposomes was assessed in vitro and in vivo.

    RESULTS: Liposomes ...
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