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Just wondering if anyone has heard of and or tried L'Arginine? Very curious about this med. but unsure if it is even worth the risk....anyone?
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Vitamin C and MS

I have been wondering, is Vitamin C really a good fried of an MS patient? Aren't we trying to suppress our immune system? I had a cold recently and was not sure what to do, it seemed like boosting my immune system was going against what most MS treatments are all about. Thanks!
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There's been some talk of Vinpocetine for MS (mainly by JackD). I just started taking 2x10mg a day though I haven't seen much difference. If anything, a few symptoms may be exaggerated, but I doubt it's from this.

Anyway, here is a nice monograph on it:
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Prpblems with melatonin - big time!!!

Most MS folks know this. But here is the proof. I am sure someone has not
seen it spelled out like this.


1: Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2001 Mar;10(3):467-76

The immunotherapeutic potential of melatonin.
Maestroni GJ.

Center for Experimental Pathology, Istituto Cantonale di Patologia, PO Box,
Locarno, Switzerland.

The interaction between the brain and the immune system is essential for the
adaptive response of an organism against environmental challenges. In this
context, the ...
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Medical QiGong anyone?

I guess it's more of an exercise but you can't get more natural than working with the earths energy!

Started practicing medical QiGong last fall and have been pleased with some minor changes in my physical and mental self.

Just wondering if anyone else practices it.

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HI my name is seeva .last week friend of mind gave me a book written by
DR. RAY D. STRAND.its cover m.s and otherneurodegenaative disseases.he cured most of the neroligical dieases using nutritonal medicine only like USANA'S ESSENTIALS AND MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS.the dr claims that most of the our doctor doen't know about nutritional medicine may be killing us.
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Natural help for Head pressure /pain

Anyone suffer from pressure in head, its not a headache but pressure or fullness, sometimes feels like my head is heavy or that I have a head cold? Obviously painkillers don;t seem to work! So I don't take them and would prefer natural alternative.I am waqiting for it to go but in the meantime any suggestion on how to deal with it woul be great?
Thx K
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I have read some on it; both here and few other places (Google it).

It is supposed to help muscle tonus.

I am starting Monday Dec.13 with 5g every 3 days. I wanted to have Pycnogenol in the same time (as they are also supposed to be a man boost) but the latest is not available right now.

Anyone tried and have comments?

Cheers and be well all :) ...
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Results from our Red Wine experiment....

Hello all,

Red Wine and the effects it has on my wifes arm spasms:

Results are as follows:

Zero glasses of red wine in the evening = definate spasms the next day
One glass of red wine in the evening = less spasms the next day
Two glasses of red wine in the evening = usually no spasms the next day
Three glasses of red wine in the evening = no spasms and general feeling ...
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High dose ALA in diabetes

For those of you taking ALA, this study administered 1800mg daily to diabetics and found what seems like only minor side effects.

Gu XM, Zhang SS, Wu JC, Tang ZY, Lu ZQ, Li H, Liu C, Chen L, Ning G.

Ruijin Hospital, Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Yuanyang Subdivision, Shanghai 200025, China.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and ...
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