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Glucosamine effective against EAE

Very interesting. Still haven't done any tests on humans yet, so can't get too excited.

Glucosamine abrogates the acute phase of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by induction of th2 response.

J Immunol. 2005 Dec 1;175(11):7202-8.

Zhang GX, Yu S, Gran B, Rostami A.
Department of Neurology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Glucosamine, a natural glucose derivative and an essential component of glycoproteins and proteoglycans, has been safely used to relieve osteoarthritis in humans. Recent studies ...
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New information on bacteria

Hello to all. I am relatively new to "posting" and don't know if this is the correct subject area, but here goes...briefly, I have a daughter with MS and I spend hours reading/researching. I am a strong supporter of traditional medication but also feel there are natural choices that will help us also. I have a medical condition with no known cause and no effective treatment (interstitial cystitis). Some in the medical community feel it ...
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Calcium EAP or Calcium AEP

I guess I am not really sure if you would consider the IV part natural... but I have recently been coming accross this one.

Intravenous Calcium EAP (or AEP as its called in hannover, germany).

It appears to have originally had good results, but appears to have fadded into the ether. It was even supposedly recommended by Dr Atkins in his book.

Has anyone personally tried it? I did a search for it on iHerb, ...
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Progesterone Cream and Remission

I have done a little reasearch about Natural Progesterone and the idea that if your pregnant and your body produces more progesterone and your MS goes into remission; why can't you use the natural plant derivative of soybeans or mexican wild yam root to put your self into remission?
Has anyone gotten any good reasearch on this subject?
I understand the carcenogenic effect on synthic progesterone and the drug companies don't want you to know ...
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Anyone taking whey protein (HMS 90) "Immunocal"

I would like to know if anyone has tried/ is taking HMS-90 (or whey protein, also known as Immunocal) and if they find it to be beneficial for relieving MS symptoms. HMS-90 is an antioxidant (glutathione) marketed to help treat autoimmune diseases but I could not find any clinical trials performed in MS patients.

Any information or personal experiences would be appreciated.
Thank you, Perseus
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- Deleted -

- Deleted -
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Just a quick question, has anyone gotten off avonex, copaxone, rebif et al and actually gotten on vitamin doses and had it worked for them? I don't see any relief in avonex after 4 years and am getting a form of vertigo which really sucks(don't mean to offend but it does). I am not 40 yet with young kids and really want to find something that works well. Not desperate but tired of sticking a ...
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coconut oil

I don't know if this has already been posted but if not it's well worth the Have a good day, katie
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I was wondering how many people are taking NAC ? I read the story on this drug a week or so ago and have purchased this. What would be a suitable dose? Any reasons not to take this?
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Mangosteen Juice

Has anyone out there taken mangosteen juice for their MS symptoms? If so has it helped you and in which way?
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