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Aspirin Therapy

Has anyone looked into aspirin therapy especially given the recent developments with CCSVI?
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Vitamin/Supplement levels

I read about monitoring vitamin levels on here but I have no idea what that involves. Is that a simple blood test or something specific to ask for? How much does it cost?
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Went to the Health Store today....

The lady who owns the store has a Phd in "Health", or whatever it is... Anyrate, here is what I ended up buying, amongst the other freebies: a bottle of DHA from purified fish oil, and Myelin Sheath Support 820mg tablets. I did get some Natural Calm packets for free, but I ended up spending $50.00
Anyone ever hear of these things?
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Anyone managed to get rid of this annoying symptom? (nystagmus)

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Though the main website promoting Serrapeptase lists MS as a disease that has potential benefit from this supplement, I ran a search and didn't find anything on Serrapeptase here.

This is an Enzyme treatment. (derived from the gut of the Silk Worm)

Any opinions? Experiences?


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Another question for Jimmylegs...sorry so long!!!

Hello..this is to Jimmylegs, the ultimate vitamin expert or to anyone else with a similar experience.

I will try to be as short and concise as possible.

I was diagnosed with MS in May. My fatigue and stomach issues continue to be an issue. I had an endoscopy in August with a preliminary diagnosis of autoimmune gastritis. Was then referred to the Univ. here locally to have another endoscopy with an ultrasound to get out ...
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Q for JimmyLegs

I figured you would be the authority on my question, so here it is...

I have been getting bad legs cramps at night time. The cramps start in my toes and work all the way up to my hamstrings. This usually happens after a physically demanding day, then I lay down to sleep, relax, and the cramping commences.
So, I went to the store today and picked up some potassium pills. I believe they are ...
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Rebif and Resveratrol or OPCs

This is also has been posted in the Rebif forum and I'm going to post in the Supplements forum to cover all the bases.

Is there any known/good reason not to do certain supplements while on rebif?

The few I'm most concerned with are: Vitamin D, Resveritrol, and OPCs. Or, if you know of any others to look into that would also be appreciated. (I'm going through the forum now)

These three all look like ...
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Xtra Cell Remilyn?

Has anyone ever heard of or taken this product?

If so, what were the results?
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too much twitching...vitamin ideas?

Hi folks,
wondering if anyone has any advice. Been having a rather annoying few weeks with increased twitching all over. Fasciculations, being the proper word I suppose. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some supplements that might help curb this.

This has often (or always? I forget) been a symptom of my MS.

Also may be relevant that I am on Copaxone since Jan 09, DX in Dec 08, dealing with this nonsense since ...
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