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I have read some on it; both here and few other places (Google it).

It is supposed to help muscle tonus.

I am starting Monday Dec.13 with 5g every 3 days. I wanted to have Pycnogenol in the same time (as they are also supposed to be a man boost) but the latest is not available right now.

Anyone tried and have comments?

Cheers and be well all :) ...
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Results from our Red Wine experiment....

Hello all,

Red Wine and the effects it has on my wifes arm spasms:

Results are as follows:

Zero glasses of red wine in the evening = definate spasms the next day
One glass of red wine in the evening = less spasms the next day
Two glasses of red wine in the evening = usually no spasms the next day
Three glasses of red wine in the evening = no spasms and general feeling ...
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High dose ALA in diabetes

For those of you taking ALA, this study administered 1800mg daily to diabetics and found what seems like only minor side effects.

Gu XM, Zhang SS, Wu JC, Tang ZY, Lu ZQ, Li H, Liu C, Chen L, Ning G.

Ruijin Hospital, Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Yuanyang Subdivision, Shanghai 200025, China.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and ...
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Vitamins/Supplements for CCSVI/MT Patients?

I posted this in the CCSVI forum with no replies, so maybe posting here is more suitable:


I have CCSVI and other venous conditions

- IJV's are stenosed as they enter the chest
- May Thurner
- Poorly developed Lumbar Veins (Hypoplasia)

And i have been taking the following Vitamins/Supplements every day:
Calcium - 800mg
Magnesium - 650mg
Zinc - 75mg
Copper - 2mg
Potassium - 100mg
Fish oil (omega3) - 3000mg
Vit B50 ...
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Question for Jimmylegs

Jimmylegs, would you know if any harm could come from eating Activia yogurt - they state Bifidus Regularis or Bifidus Actiregularis are "probiotics." I have had digestive problems with MS and lost 50 pounds since early 2007. Funny, it just clicked in that January 2007 is when I started Betaseron. I wonder if the stomach problems could be traced to that drug.

It's a no no but in the past couple of months I've gone ...
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Is Anyone Taking the Jellyfish Protein Apoaequorin?

While we're currently enrolling for a study researching benefits of the protein supplement apoaequorin for MS symptoms, the product is currently marketed and has been available for three years, so we'd love to hear from anyone who's taking it. If you'd like to learn more about research being conducted by Quincy Bioscience, or enroll for the MS study, visit
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VOTE today and everyday at so that we

We need your VOTE today and everyday for the next month because we have applied for a Pepsi Refresh Everything grant to support Non-Mainstream MS Research -- this means that CCSVI (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency), LDN (low dose naltrexone) etc. can be studied using rigorous scientific method.

We are competing against kids who have vast online social networks and we need to vote daily to support MS research. We also need you to send this ...
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One for JL

"Alterations in magnesium and oxidative status during chronic emotional stress."

Unfortunately, I can't find a copy of the entire article. Who would have thought there's an entire journal dedicated to magnesium research: ... ives.phtml
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Has anyone used Systemic Enzymes?

I just read some interesting stuff on Systemic Enzymes and how they help MS patients in recovery after a relapse and in warding off symptoms all together. Has anyone here tried this approach? Does it work? Or is it all just BS? Thanks!
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What I hear...

Hi. I'm new here to ThisIsMS, but I was diagnosed in 2005. Like many others my symptoms were years before my diagnosis.

Well anyway, I am having one of those times where people really hurt and anger me because of their judgment on me for not taking MS drugs. What I hear(literally or passive aggressively) as reactions from people is that I'm either being irresponsible, weak, afraid, stupid, uneducated, or have a bad attitude because ...
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