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Netherlands Daughter-update

My daughter continues to improve. She is now on the "antibiotic" part of her supplement treatment. Seems to be having the Herx reaction on a pretty regular basis; however the severity has lessoned. She is back to teaching all of her dance classes (owns a dance school--has not been able to do much of anything in the past 2 years). She changed a tire on her sister's car the other night. Remarked a few months ...
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I came accross the following a little while back. I have since added lechithin to my daily regimine. Although its a trial of one, someone had an improvement from it, who knows, maybe it will help me.
LECITHIN (Phosphatidyl Choline) is taken up directly by the brain at once to help the brain make acetylcholine. It was believed that only alcohol or powerful drugs were thought to be able to cross this blood brain ...
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Anyone with any experience with Glyconutrients?

I have just joined and this is my first post! 8O

I have had MS since Christmas 2000 and only recently been really working with it. I suffered a downturn in 2003 and put it down to my crazy life, wasn't until I couldn't push myself anymore I started hearing and seeing all the obvious signs. So I gave up work 3 weeks ago and signed up ...
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I am the Netherlands Daughter

I am coming here to share my story with you so that you may benefit from what I am doing also. I "accidentaly" found out about this treatment that I am doing now - and PRAISE GOD THAT I FOUND IT!!! I had my first MS symptoms in 1999. I then experienced what I know now were relapse of my MS for the following 5 years. I was diagnosed with RRMS on May 17, 2004. ...
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Update-Netherlands Daughter

My daughter continues to improve dramatically on her treatment. For those of you who have MS, you can understand better than I the fatigue. For 3 years, it has taken every ounce of my daughter's energy to just get up out of the bed in the morning. Last week, she water-skied for ages! She was so EXCITED!!! She is still on her Avonex and Lexapro and down from 600 to 300 m. of Tegretol. Has ...
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To Jimmylegs

Jimmy--how do I email you directly??? Wanted to give you the lastest on my daughter, Suzy. We live in South Carolina (where the heat and humidity is brutal). As I said, she and her husband are camping this week. Temps are hitting 97-98. The heat does not bother her at all anymore!!! She called last night and said she has been overly-emotional and can't stop crying. She does not know why. Maybe a change in ...
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I eliminated my post

I eliminated this post
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PS from Netherlands Daughter

To all the naysayers regarding nutrition and do you address Lorenzo's Oil? This "diet" regimen completely "cures" a fatal childhood disease. Absolutely nothing but nutrition! And this disease destroys the nerves. When one has high cholesteral, the first recommended change is "diet". There are so many, many examples of nutrition and illnesses, I could just go on and on! As I said, I DO believe in traditional medicine--truly I do! Had my daughter had ...
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Jimmylegs--from Netherlands Daughter

Hey Jimmylegs--just wanted to first thank you for providing some insight into what my daughter has embarked on! Your info was very informative. Now, she does not have to take the parasite treatment (if that is what it is). She wanted to take all the phases. She was only recommended the one for a severe strep bacteria infection. Second, I want to explain to you where I am coming from.

First, I have read about ...
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Daughter's "treatment"

Have never seen anything on these boards about a doctor in the Netherlands who treats diseases with natural supplements. LONG story short...a mother at my daughter's dance school had a 17 year old son disagnosed with Hodgin's Disease. After tons of chemo and a stem cell transplant, the disease was raging. The young man was given 4 months to live (last year in May). His mother found this doctor in the Netherlands (I had read ...
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