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"High dose thiamine improves fatigue in multiple sclerosis"

Hi all,

In case it hasn't been posted here somewhere: , "High dose thiamine improves fatigue in multiple sclerosis".

I can only read the abstract so it's a little vague on the definition of "high dose", but there's a similar article ( from the same authors but for IBD and there the dose is 600mg for a patient of 60kg, and 1500mg ...
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Actress tells of revolutionary MS treatment

Actress Alison Peebles has spoken of a huge improvement in her multiple sclerosis after a revolutionary new treatment.

She had been expecting the primary progressive multiple sclerosis that has blighted her life to quickly leave her dependent on the use of a wheelchair.

However, the leading Scottish actress, whose TV credits include BBC's River City and Shetland, believes a new physiotherapy has greatly improved the quality of her life – and delayed the need for ...
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Marijuanna Use for MS? ( Sorry if this an inapropriate)

** Sorry if this an inappropriate subject here. Just erase it if it is)

I got a question: Does marijuana help with MS? Is it helpful for early MS? Does a person with early MS qualify for a medical marijuana card in Michigan, United States of America? Again, if this inappropriate subject here, please erase the message.
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Franks Iranian Oil-Regime Log

I originally wrote about starting on this oil-regime here (general-discussion-f1/topic22261-15.html) but I think this "natural approach" forum is more suitable for this topic - so I just start by copying my original post here:

I'm now on the full doses of the oil-protocol for more than two weeks which consists of taking 3 tablespoons (split over 3 intakes throughout the day) of organic, cold pressed hemp seed oil together ...
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Why would my thighs ache due to being so active?

Why would my thighs ache when I am such a active person????
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The "Problem" with Vitamin D ... min_D.html

Most importantly, vitamin D requires and 'uses up' magnesium to convert from supplements or sun into its active form in the blood.

Learn more: ... in_D.html##ixzz2qQ8SUhdH
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Magnesium Oil for Muscle Spasms

I find that rubbing some magnesium oil into my skin causes my morning muscle spasms to relax quickly. :-D

What I do is keep a small spray bottle of magnesium oil by my bed and when I first wake up and the leg spasms are starting I rub the "oil" into my forearm. I feel the leg muscles relaxing in seconds.

____________________ ?? Anyone else have ...
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Zinc/copper balance

Hi everyone,

I was taking a zinc supplement for some time until I noticed that my copper levels were getting on the low side. The zinc supplement was 15mg zinc picolinate daily, and I started adding 2mg copper picolinate daily, which I thought was the recommended amount for the 15mg zinc.

After I started doing this, my copper went up a little again (from 75 mcg/dL to somewhere in the 80's), but unfortunately my zinc ...
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Intravenous nutrients

In the many discussions here about vitamins and minerals, has anyone considered or tried intravenous nutrients?

The topic has been on The Dr. Oz Show, 1/15/2013 and repeated on 6/6/2013: Intravenous Nutrients

Video Myers cocktail – magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C – Pt 1: ... injections
Part 2: ... ideo=16461
Part 3 Concerns: ... ideo=16456 ...
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