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WOW read this. compares cu:zn in Alzheimer's and MS.

From other sources, optimal serum cu:zn = 0.7-1.0

Serum copper zinc ratios

JL edit: adding cu:zn ratios in copper deficiency, secondary to zinc excess, via high intake of denture cream:

Zinc toxicity (very high zinc with very low copper)

Patient 1.......0.05
Patient 1.......0.13
Patient 1.......0.16
Patient 1.......0.02

Healthy Controls (perfect, serum zinc is a little higher than serum copper)

per MS study...0.71 (see study dtls below. cu:zn basically perfect, if anything at the extreme end ...
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'New' Testing Options for (some) Canadians

Well I clearly have not been paying attention to local testing developments over the past year +

last time I looked for something like this, it was on hold due to local implementation barriers. i have no idea how long this has been up and running:

Blood Tests Canada

ontario centric, so far. has some useful tests for our purposes, but not all. also looks more expensive than ...
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EFF YESSS thank you costello et al!!!!!!!!!

Perspective: The Case for an Evidence-Based Reference Interval for Serum Magnesium: The Time Has Come
"The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee indicated that magnesium was a shortfall nutrient that was underconsumed relative to the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for many Americans. Approximately 50% of Americans consume less than the EAR for magnesium, and some age groups consume substantially less. A growing body of literature from animal, epidemiologic, and ...
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nutrigenomics and !!MTHFR!! ma fave gene lol

some interesting recent research

Ethical considerations in the implementation of nutrigenetics/nutrigenomics (2017) ... -2016-0035
Awareness of ethical issues that may be raised by the implementation of nutrigenetic/nutrigenomic (NGx) testing and personalized nutrition, at an individual or a public health level, is crucial to ensure the latter's sound and effective implementation. NGx tests that are currently offered or developed have different natures and scopes. We provide an example of ...
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HI Friends very interesting story from DR. HOLZ
His book on SECRETS OF ABORIGINAL HEALING from his experiences of healing his progressive M.S plus quadriplegic
and the DRS that he had 2 years to live but went to live with remote australia tribe and had remarkable healing
please read more ... .undefined
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HI Frends sorry my early one was mistakenly copy the wrong one
please read the right one ... 1-71285713
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study: selenium for HIV, tuberculosis, cancer & more.. NBD

lil OT but interesting.
free full text
"A balanced and sufficient supply of macro- and micronutrients is important to support host immune defense and resistance against pathogens. The habitual diet is often not sufficient to meet the increased demands for micronutrients in infectious diseases. Dietary multimicronutrient supplements containing selenium up to 200 mg/d have potential as safe, inexpensive, and widely available adjuvant therapy in viral infections (e.g., HIV, ...
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Vitamin D & zinc fingers

I am not a scientist, but I have been interested in the zinc-vitamin D relationship recently.

Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Zinc Deficiencies in Children Presenting with Symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (2014)
Amelia Villagomez and Ujjwal Ramtekkar

Abstract: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder increasing in prevalence. Although there is limited evidence to support treating ADHD with mineral/vitamin supplements, research does exist showing that patients with ADHD ...
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Magnesium threonate

Has anyone tried magnesium threonate? There was an interesting article from Life Extension Foundation that stated that it helps improve neuroplasticity. ... ng/Page-01
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