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Actress tells of revolutionary MS treatment

Actress Alison Peebles has spoken of a huge improvement in her multiple sclerosis after a revolutionary new treatment.

She had been expecting the primary progressive multiple sclerosis that has blighted her life to quickly leave her dependent on the use of a wheelchair.

However, the leading Scottish actress, whose TV credits include BBC's River City and Shetland, believes a new physiotherapy has greatly improved the quality of her life – and delayed the need for ...
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Marijuanna Use for MS? ( Sorry if this an inapropriate)

** Sorry if this an inappropriate subject here. Just erase it if it is)

I got a question: Does marijuana help with MS? Is it helpful for early MS? Does a person with early MS qualify for a medical marijuana card in Michigan, United States of America? Again, if this inappropriate subject here, please erase the message.
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Franks Iranian Oil-Regime Log

I originally wrote about starting on this oil-regime here (general-discussion-f1/topic22261-15.html) but I think this "natural approach" forum is more suitable for this topic - so I just start by copying my original post here:

I'm now on the full doses of the oil-protocol for more than two weeks which consists of taking 3 tablespoons (split over 3 intakes throughout the day) of organic, cold pressed hemp seed oil together ...
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Why would my thighs ache due to being so active?

Why would my thighs ache when I am such a active person????
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The "Problem" with Vitamin D ... min_D.html

Most importantly, vitamin D requires and 'uses up' magnesium to convert from supplements or sun into its active form in the blood.

Learn more: ... min_D.html
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Magnesium Oil for Muscle Spasms

I find that rubbing some magnesium oil into my skin causes my morning muscle spasms to relax quickly. :-D

What I do is keep a small spray bottle of magnesium oil by my bed and when I first wake up and the leg spasms are starting I rub the "oil" into my forearm. I feel the leg muscles relaxing in seconds.

____________________ ?? Anyone else have ...
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Zinc/copper balance

Hi everyone,

I was taking a zinc supplement for some time until I noticed that my copper levels were getting on the low side. The zinc supplement was 15mg zinc picolinate daily, and I started adding 2mg copper picolinate daily, which I thought was the recommended amount for the 15mg zinc.

After I started doing this, my copper went up a little again (from 75 mcg/dL to somewhere in the 80's), but unfortunately my zinc ...
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Intravenous nutrients

In the many discussions here about vitamins and minerals, has anyone considered or tried intravenous nutrients?

The topic has been on The Dr. Oz Show, 1/15/2013 and repeated on 6/6/2013: Intravenous Nutrients

Video Myers cocktail – magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C – Pt 1: ... injections
Part 2: ... ideo=16461
Part 3 Concerns: ... ideo=16456 ...
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FDA GMP Inspectors Cite 70% of Dietary Supplement Firms

FDA GMP Inspectors Cite 70% of Dietary Supplement Firms ... ement.aspx

During a three-year period, federal inspectors have cited seven out of 10 facilities that make dietary supplements for violating regulations intended to ensure products are safe and contain the ingredients that are listed on the labels.

A total 444 out of 626 inspections for cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) resulted in the issuance of a "Form 483," ...
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