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Iron and B12 research

Interesting bit of research on the role of iron and B12 in myelination.

Iron and the folate-vitamin B12-methylation pathway in multiple sclerosis.

Metab Brain Dis. 2006 May 26
van Rensburg SJ, Kotze MJ, Hon D, Haug P, Kuyler J, Hendricks M, Botha J, Potocnik FC, Matsha T, Erasmus RT.
Chemical Pathology, National Health Laboratory Service and the University of Stellenbosch, Tygerberg Hospital, PO Box 19113, 7505, Tygerberg, South Africa, ...
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Vitamin B12

Here’s an interesting abstract:
Vitamin B12, demyelination, remyelination and repair in MS.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and vitamin B12 deficiency share common inflammatory and neurodegenerative pathophysiological characteristics. Due to similarities in the clinical presentations and MRI findings, the differential diagnosis between vitamin B12 deficiency and MS may be difficult. Additionally, low or decreased levels of vitamin B12 have been demonstrated in MS patients. Moreover, recent studies suggest that vitamin B12, in addition to its known role ...
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Vitamin D for Chronic Pain article

29-page paper on Vitamin D for Chronic Pain by Stewart B. Leavitt, MA, PhD ... -07-10.pdf

Here are the first few paragraphs:
Standing apart from the various other essential nutrients, vitamin D was spotlighted recently as having
special therapeutic potential. This has important implications for the management of chronic
musculoskeletal pain and fatigue syndromes.

During this past June 2008, news-media headlines heralded recent clinical research that revealed
benefits ...
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I had a dream..

well, i did an informal experiment. off supplements for about 6 months. a few things getting on my nerves lately, so started back up in a half-assed fashion over the last week or so. took the most comprehensive dose of different things last night and woke up this morning to realise i had been dreaming. i hadn't even registered that i had no dream recall until it came back. now we shall see if it ...
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Lack of vitamin D may cause MS, study finds

Further evidence of vitamin D role in Multiple Sclerosis found:

From the MS news archive, August 2015, of MS-UK:

Lack of vitamin D may cause MS, study finds

A lack of vitamin D may be a direct cause of multiple sclerosis (MS), a study has found. Researchers say the discovery may have important public health implications since so many people have insufficient levels of the essential ...
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Vitamin D and Oligodendrocytes in MS ... -d/a/45540

Vitamin D and Oligodendrocytes in MS

The relationship between vitamin D and multiple sclerosis (MS) has been investigated for at least 50 years. It has been implicated epidemiologically in the latitudinal gradient that associates decreased exposure to sunlight in higher latitudes with a higher incidence of MS.

Nicholas LaRocca, PhD, Vice President, Health Care Delivery and Policy Research at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, agrees ...
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B12 and D trending up - requesting dosing help

My vitamin D, after two rounds of megadosing in different ways, is now up to 58 ng/ml, which is much closer to where I want to be - but still not quite there yet.

I will probably do another megadose after I let my body settle out from the steroids I've just been on a bit. So my first method was to take a 400,000 IU dose followed by 10,000 IU daily supplementation, which raised ...
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Study: High-dose vitamin D is safe for MS

Safety and immunologic effects of high- vs low-dose cholecalciferol in multiple sclerosis
Elias S. Sotirchos, MD*, Pavan Bhargava, MD*, Christopher Eckstein, MD, Keith Van Haren, MD, Moira Baynes, RN, Achilles Ntranos, MD, Anne Gocke, PhD, Lawrence Steinman, MD, Ellen M. Mowry, MD, MCR and Peter A. Calabresi, MD
Correspondence to Dr. Calabresi:
Published online before print December 30, 2015, doi: http:/​/​dx.​doi.​org/​10.​1212/​WNL.​0000000000002316
Neurology 10.1212/WNL.0000000000002316 ...
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NAD+ for mitochondria

I ran across a supplement the other day that contains nicotinamide riboside which goes by the trade name of Niagen. It's supposed to help bump up mitochondrial activity by increasing NAD+ levels. Could this be the missing link for reactivating mitochondria in MS and possibly slowing or preventing neurodegeneration? ... AD/Page-01

Note that Dr. Ben Lynch also sells a NADH supplement. ... ealth.html ...
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