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Anyone got rid of light/heat sensitivity?


did anyone manage to decrease or get rid completely of their light/heat sensitivity with some natural approach/diet tricks? Summer is almost there and I already feel worse in these conditions. LDN and vit E helps a lot, but does not solve all.

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Magnesium glycinate alternative to baclofen for stiff legs?

I saw my neurologist last Friday for my 6 month follow-up. She said I could take Baclofen for my stiff legs, but it could possibly weaken my legs too much that they would be like a rag doll. I do not want that to happen!

She never heard of magnesium supplements being beneficial for ms leg stiffness, but I would rather try something like that before taking baclofen. When I wake up from sleeping and ...
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Peony Immune

A search for white peony and/or Peony Immune yielded only a few results on this board, so I was wondering what experience if any folks had with Life Extensions Peony Immune capsules. Also, if folks had any experience with white peony in general in addition to what has already been posted by upright doc and gobbledygook.
To borrow words from another poster, "In my ever increasing guinea pigdom state" I find this white peony interesting. ...
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A nutritional moral dilemma

Okay, here it is:
I have several cans of spinach sitting around and a local organization is doing a food drive.
I found out that, unlike other kinds of spinach, I don't like canned spinach at all.
It seems there are 2 possibilitiest:

A) I give it to the food drive and The spinach feeds and nourishes some hungry people, if they eat it. Spinach is Loaded with nutrients, as showing here: I knew ...
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Vitamin and mineral needs during the oral contraceptive ther

Vitamin and mineral needs during the oral contraceptive therapy: a systematic review
Objectives: There is growing evidence that women using OCs change in serum trace elements and vitamins. Nowadays, in many cases, side effects associated with low levels of micronutrients are not considered during oral contraceptives (OCs) therapy. This review aims at checking the present literature in order to verify the evidences. Our purpose is to underline this ...
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Confused at present - What would you recommend ?

Plants are naturally intended to ingest rocks; humans are not .
But, my supplemenets, such as magnesium glycinate, have been so helpful.
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Dr. Trutt discusses antioxidants

Dr. Josh Trutt of New York discusses Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Curcumin and other antioxidants such as Astaxanthin. One of the several interesting topics he discusses is that several studies show that the best levels of Vitamin D3 for all cause mortality reduction are around 40 ng/mL or 100 nmol/L.

More info at
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My blood work results

So I got my blood work back and surprisingly everything is at pretty good levels. The only thing it seems I need to do is take more b12, maybe not eating red meat has been the reason for that.

Vit d is 61 pg/ml

magnesium is 2.0 mg/dl

b12 is 472 pg/ml

Calcium, testosterone, cholesterol, protein, potassium, all are in proper ranges.

they did not do zinc even though I specifically asked for it.

Could ...
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Magnesium reduces c-reactive protein

Greater magnesium intake associated with decreased inflammation ... mation.htm

Friday, February 21, 2014. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the results of a meta-analysis on February 12, 2014 which reveals an association between increased dietary magnesium and lower levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation.

D. T. Dibaba and colleagues at Indiana University's School of Public Health selected seven cross-sectional studies involving a total of ...
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The risks of vitamin D2

Some doctors prescribe high doses of vitamin D2 for their patients who are deficient. Here's why that might not be a great idea. Vitamin D2 supplementation actually lowers vitamin D3 levels (the form our bodies use) and increases exercise-induced muscle damage.
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