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Consumer Reports article on supplements

Here's and interesting article on dietary supplements from Consumer Reports.

10 surprising dangers of vitamins and supplements
Don't assume they're safe because they're 'all natural' ... /index.htm
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3 months after adding carbs but im still Anemic!!

April 2012 i started the Wahls diet, which in October my blood tests showed low red and white cell counts, and lymphocytes, which i believe is a clear sign of Anemia

So since m y legs/bladder kept getting worse on the diet or at least remained poor, i sincluded gluten free grains in December and removed red meat/high fats from my diet,

Last week i had fresh blood tests which still showed low blood counts ...
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Before a nutrient level blood test, how essential is it to .

... stop all supplements several days before your bloods are drawn?

After showing anemia - low red cell count, low white cell count, low haemoglobin, in October and December of last year (when on the Wahls diet 100% strictly- i now eat gluten-free grains), i am due to have new bloods drawn next week for:

Bone profile
Full blood count
Haematinic screen (b12/folate)
Liver function test serum
Thyroid function test serum
Urea electrolyte serum ...
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ms and massage

Hello everyone!

I have a big favor to ask- I'm a massage therapist student in a small town in North Carolina. I have to do a project on the effects of massage on MS, and I was wondering if I could ask y'all some questions about it if you've recieved massages post-diagnosis. I do not have ms and i don't intend to annoy or insult anyone, and I apologize if I ever do that!

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Has anyone ever drank this saline solution called ASEA? Here is the link:

There have been a few success stories floating around from MS sufferers who have used this product.

Any feedback and testimonials from anyone on here?
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A cup of tea or three

I've recently added hibiscus tea to my regimen and it has produced wonderful results for me. My energy level is suddenly just amazing. I feel like the energizer bunny and some sensory issues are improving beyond what I had experienced thus far on the medication I am taking. Aside from some leftover numbness in my hands, I feel NORMAL!

I am wondering if the tea wouldn't work as well on its own (without a medication ...
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Vitamin D3 for neuros, but none for patients

Vitamin D3 is good for neurologists, but not for their MS patients. Image

Neurologists would take vitamin D themselves if diagnosed but not prescribe for their patients
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... +patients/

This month the Multiple Sclerosis Journal published a series of articles asking neurologists if they would take a supplement of 10,000 IU of vitamin D a day if they had a clinically isolated syndrome (one attack of MS before ...
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Food supplements & vitamins

Anyone has checked any independent review, like consumerlab, that examines whether a specific brand contains the amount od substance its label states? Can you share any review like that? Some university studies showed that most of the vitamins and food supplements do not contain what they promise.
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Cytotron - treating degenerative diseases

It is an interesting device, similar to MRI and used for the treatment of degenerative diseases. It was developped in India and currently in clinical trials for MS as well. Any one heard about it? How real is it?

Cytotron is a Therapeutic Device for the treatment of cancer and various degenerative diseases such as arthritis. It is based on Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance -RFQMR- Technology which utilizes highly complex electromagnetic beams in ...
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natural substitutes to ccsvi surgery

hello everyone, I posted this question yesterday in topic 'Dr. Sclafani answers'. Maybe you have got any experience of using any natural treatment which works similar to ccsvi surgery, herbs, vitamins? something good for flow in the veins?
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