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Supplements while awaiting bloodwork?


I'm brand new. Have had MRI suspect for MS but awaiting bloodwork to rule out other causes.

My question is - are any supplements OK to start on now, without fear of skewing my baseline bloodwork in terms of potential deficiencies that could mimic MS? I thought maybe fish oil might be OK to start.

Thanks in advance.
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The dark side of green tea

The dark side of green tea...

Epigallocathecin gallate (EGCG) inhibits the dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) enzyme.

EGCG also inhibits the absorption of dietary folate.

DHFR lies ...
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Advice on Glucosamine

Hi all,
Could anybody share their experiences of using any of the forms of Glucosamine? Im thinking about adding it to my list of supplements, my joints at my ankles and knees seem to be pointing in different directions and provide a bit of pain when walking aswell as cracking quite a bit too. Im fairly sure my mobility and walking distance is affected by this. My supplement list is Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Vit D, ...
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Are you taking, or have you taken, phosphatidylserine? If so, how has your experience with it been?

Identification of naturally occurring fatty acids of the myelin sheath that resolve neuroinflammation.
Sci Transl Med. 2012 Jun 6;4(137):137ra73.

    Lipids constitute 70% of the myelin sheath, and autoantibodies against lipids may contribute to the demyelination that characterizes multiple sclerosis (MS). We used lipid antigen microarrays and lipid mass spectrometry to identify bona fide lipid targets of the autoimmune ...
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What is your Vitamin D Blood level?

After being on 4500IU of vitamin D for 5 months my blood level is up from 96 n/mol to 123 n/mol.

I cant remember where i saw it but there was a chart for optimal vitamin d blood levels were for people with an auto immune disease. Anyone know what i'm talking about?
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Vitamin much?

I've read that 120mcg a day is sufficient under normal circumstances. However, how much is recommended for a person taking hi doses of vitamin my case 5000iu of D3 per day? I also want t start taking 500mg of Calcium and 150mg of magnesium.

Also, since i've read mixed review. Can Vitamin k2 induce blood clotting? I ask this because many sites say not to mix vitamin K with anticoagulants. However, they do not ...
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Gut Bacteria. Variety or Count?

Whenever I buy gut bacteria, I always try to go for the ones with the most variety or that are different to the last batch I bought. Is this choice a good one? or should I go for the higher count with less variety? Basically, trying to increase the range of bacteria in my gut as well as the count.

The other possibly invalid belief I have, is that these bacteria should actually, once established, ...
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Faulty supplement testing may lead to stricter regulation

A storm based on faulty "science" is brewing in the supplement world. In February, the New York Attorney General published the results of DNA tests on various herbal supplements that showed that the DNA of the plants listed on the ingredient labels were not detectable in the supplements. The conclusion taken by the New York Attorney General was that these supplements contained no material from the plants listed on the ingredient labels.

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HI Friends there have been numerous studies to test the efficacy of turmeric as an antioxidant agent. the neuroprotective abilities are said to benefits for Alzheimer's disease, various cancers and m.s.
please read more ... -sclerosis
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