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review: Vitamin D, micronutrients & metabolic syndrome

Is the Association between Vitamin D and Metabolic Syndrome Independent of Other Micronutrients ... alCode=vit
Abstract. The incidence of metabolic syndrome (MetS) has been increasing globally and it is recognized as a major public health problem because MetS is associated with increased risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Recently, MetS has been linked to vitamin D deficiency. However, the evidence on the association between vitamin ...
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drugs to improve nutrient status (because that makes sense)

Effects of Canagliflozin on Serum Magnesium in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Post Hoc Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials (2017) ... 017-0232-0

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of canagliflozin, a sodium glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitor, on serum magnesium in hypomagnesemic patients with type 2 diabetes.

This post hoc analysis was based on pooled data from four placebo-controlled studies ...
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the RBC vs serum debate

if studies like this are the reason for the emphasis on testing RBC magnesium rather than serum magnesium... smh
Magnesium Metabolism
A Review With Special Reference to the Relationship Between Intracellular Content and Serum Levels
full text pdf
Magnesium (Mg++) is a ubiquitous element in nature, playing a role in photosynthesis and many metabolic functions in humans. All enzymatic reactions that involve adenosine triphosphate have an absolute requirement ...
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10 years of internet re d3 without magnesium

i just ran through a plain old non-scholar google search on the terms
d3 without magnesium
then went through year by year to identify and share some relevant first page results.

Vitamin D & Magnesium - interesting reaction | CPn
http://www.CPn › Forums › CPn Help Discussion Forum › Cpn treatment experiences
Jan 14, 2007
But my experience above almost seems to suggest that Vit D3 and magnesium work together ...
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drug induced nutrient depletion

Oral contraceptives and changes in nutritional requirements
Oral contraceptives (OCs) are a major class of prescription drug, used by a large proportion of women starting from early adolescence. Much research has been conducted to investigate the physiological changes that occur in women who take OCs. These include changes in general health as well as in nutritional needs. In terms of nutrition, several studies investigated whether women on OCs ...
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MS nutrient intakes below RDI

Bitarafan, S., Harirchian, M. H., Nafissi, S., Sahraian, M. A., Togha, M., Siassi, F., ... & Honarvar, N. M. (2014). Dietary intake of nutrients and its correlation with fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients. Iranian journal of neurology, 13(1), 28.
Table 2
Mean daily nutrient intake in MS patients and their significant differences with DRI values

Nutrients Intake of males (Mean ± SD) DRI for males Intake of females ...
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drug nutrient interactions. study: PPIs deplete zinc

Farrell, C. P., Morgan, M., Rudolph, D. S., Hwang, A., Albert, N. E., Valenzano, M. C., ... & Mullin, J. M. (2011). Proton pump inhibitors interfere with zinc absorption and zinc body stores. Gastroenterology Research, 4(6), 243.

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) cause a sharp elevation of gastro-duodenal luminal pH which in turn has resulted in reports of reduced absorption of magnesium and certain other nutrients.
Gastroesophageal ...
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hypothesis article: body triage when micronutrient input low

some interesting thoughts here
Ames, B. N. (2006). Low micronutrient intake may accelerate the degenerative diseases of aging through allocation of scarce micronutrients by triage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 103(47), 17589-17594.

Inadequate dietary intakes of vitamins and minerals are widespread, most likely due to excessive consumption of energy-rich, micronutrient-poor, refined food. Inadequate intakes may result in chronic metabolic disruption, including mitochondrial decay. Deficiencies in many ...
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WOW read this. compares cu:zn in Alzheimer's and MS.

From other sources, optimal serum cu:zn = 0.7-1.0

Serum copper zinc ratios

Healthy Controls (perfect, serum zinc is a little higher than serum copper)

per control group in an MS study...0.71 (see study dtls below. cu:zn basically perfect, if anything at the extreme end of optimal; this zinc level is unusually high esp in relation to copper)

Alzheimer's (bad, copper is high in relation to zinc)

Patient 1.......1.8
Patient 2.......1.6
Patient 3 n/a
Patient 4.......0.94 ...
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'New' Testing Options for (some) Canadians

Well I clearly have not been paying attention to local testing developments over the past year +

last time I looked for something like this, it was on hold due to local implementation barriers. i have no idea how long this has been up and running:

Blood Tests Canada

ontario centric, so far. has some useful tests for our purposes, but not all. also looks more expensive than ...
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