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This forum is for parents and caregivers of kids under 21 with MS.

MS and Autism

My fifteen year old son who has a mild form of autism was just diagnosed with MS. I have MS as well. Curious if any others on this site has an autistic child with MS.
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What is happening to my 4 year old!

My husband has MS, was diagnosed with RRMS in 2008. We have a 4 year old that SCREAMS about shin pain. We took him to the Dr and they did x-rays that all came back neg (for shin splints or fractures). They ruled out growing pains because it is the shins and not joints. We saw Connective Tissue and they said they do not think it is a connective tissue issue. He will also tell ...
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almost 9 y.o son dx w/ MS

Hi all, glad I found you guys. It has been so hard to find these sort of site for kids with MS.

Back in July, my son was put in the hospital for stomach problems. While there he started seeing double. 1st MRI was done and did show lesions. He then was sent to a childrens hospital. They then did a spinal tap and more labs. He then was DX w/ Encephamylitis(sp?) said possaible MS, ...
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13 YO daughter and husband both have ms

I am so glad I found this site. My daughter was diagnosed a month ago. We are all still shocked. Her sympton that had us seek medical attention was both of her feet were numb. This lasted for about a month. After seeing her Ped. and Ped. Neurologist who laughed us out of the office we took her to my husgand's MS Neurologist. He immediately did an MRI and after seeing all of the new ...
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My 7 year old son has MS

My name is Theresa and my son Alec is 7 yrs old and has had Multiple Sclerosis for the past 11months. We have been told that he has an aggressive form and is now terminal. I found this website and thought that someone may be able to contribute any ideas of treatments they have heard have been successful. Alec has had most of the symptoms of MS and his MRI shows the plagues have spread ...
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School Issues

Have you had school/medical issues with your teen (or younger child) who has an MS Dx, and if so how have you handled them?

Edited to take out all the personal "stuff" since this was getting lots of views and no replies.
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Cognitive losses with MS


I am the mother of a twenty year old young man, who has had a very hard five months. He had a bad exhacerbation back in november/december, and even though he has improved about 70% his cognitive skills, mainly memory and visual attention, have been badly affected and he is finding it very difficult to learn. He had to drop out of college in January and is currently taking a Spanish course at the ...
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We are happy to welcome a new group to This is MS, called "Parenting Kids with MS." George Peabody will be running this forum-- he has a daughter that was diagnosed at a young age and has dedicated much time since then forming a support group for families with children affected by MS. We believe this group fulfills an important need for our overall MS community and welcome George's group with open arms. You can ...
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