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2017 study: magnesium zinc and postpartum depression

encountered this study while looking for research on anxiety and magnesium.

thought here would be the most suitable place on the forum to file this tidbit.

Effects of zinc and magnesium supplements on postpartum depression and anxiety: A randomized controlled clinical trial ... 16.1235074
"Postpartum anxiety and depression are prevalent disorders. The authors of this study aimed to determine the effects of zinc and magnesium supplements on ...
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Postpartum relapse?

Hello I am 5 weeks postpartum and having returning symptoms of old flares and some new ones. Right forearm went numb, bottom right jaw numb. Oh and hypersensitivity to sounds and extremely fatigued. It's been five days I'm wondering if it's going to keep coming on slow or if this is it. Anyone else have a relapse postpartum? If so what did you experience and what did you do to cope with it and having ...
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be careful when trying to conceive

Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:25 pm
I just want to say thank you to everyone who participated in this conversation. I am sad to say at 5 weeks I had a miscarriage , I was about two weeks into my pregnancy still taking tecfidera I got off as soon as I found out and after I found out 6 days later I miscarried. At that point I was 5 weeks along. My suggestion to ...
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Hello my name is Nicole and I am new to this site, I just found out yesterday that I am three and a half weeks pregnant and I have currently been taking tecfidera. I'm scared because I haven't heard anything from anybody about pregnancy while taking tecfidera , can anybody help ease my mind a little? Just kind of scared but I thought I should try this out and see how it works.
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Sorry I can't spell.

That was not suppose to be diet it was suppose to be , My Sister Died.
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Without me?

I honestly spend time trying to make sure my kids can do some things independently... but after a rough time, I feel they all act as if I'm indispensable! After a rough month, I take ONE DAY to start Gilenya (and from the kids' perspective, a whole 1 1/2 hours after school ends)... and I find all the chores, cranky kids, and nobody being fed. Seriously? I have dealt with this for a few years ...
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Life Hacks for Parenting Toddlers?

Hi, I'm new here but I've been diagnosed with MS for 5 years. I have an 11 month old daughter who isn't walking yet but will be soon. I'm concerned about chasing after her once she is walking and oh dear...running! I cannot run after her and am just anxious about this stage. I'm also worried about holding her while walking. My balance is not great and I've fallen with her once already which was ...
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trying to decide if kids are the right choice

Hello im new here. My husband of 5years was diagnosed with ms in our first year of marriage and has been in and out of the hospital. He is only 24 years old and we both want kids. The only thing im concerned about is the stress of having a new born in the house will continuely put my husband back in the hospital.should we still continue to try and see what happens? Just looking ...
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To have another child or not? That is the question....

My husband and I have a daughter that is almost 6. I was diagnosed with RRMS officially in August of 2012. We have been trying to have another child but I have to admit, I am not totally into it. I am scared to death. I totally want to have another child but when I think about the late night feedings and the utter exhaustion I already feel I freak out. I don't know if ...
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Ever had to wean a baby?

I've decided to do dmds, so I've had to go from his never having had a bottle to full time bottles and formula. The baby is 9 months and enthusiastically eating solids. He is "mildly tolerant" of breast milk in a bottle during the day and not at all at night. I have maybe a dozen bottles pumped and frozen, but I didn't want to ramp up my supply only to quit.

I know there ...
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