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Modern Medicine: The New World Religion ... e&n=283155

Put forth in this book is the assertion that medicine is actually ruled by a set of beliefs, myths, and rites of Christianity it has never freed itself from. Supporting this claim are discussions about the ways in which physicians have taken the place of priests, vaccination plays the same role as baptism, the search for health has replaced the quest for salvation, and the hope ...
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Thank goodness for books to keep you busy!

I have always enjoyed fiction; but since my diagnosis of MS, I seem to gravitate to nonfiction. In recent years I have read and recommend John Adams by David McCullough, April 1865 by Jay Winik, too.

I found The Autoimmune Connection by Rita Baron-Faust and Jill Buyon, M.D. to be educational, but lacking information on hyperinsulinemia. I first came across that topic in Protein Power by Michael Eades, M.D. and wife Mary Dan Eades, M.D., ...
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Very Mind Opening

Faith and the Placebo Effect by Lolette Kuby. The author's personal experience was with cancer, but her theories apply to every health condition.

With MS we get so scattered and fragmented keeping up with research, changing our individual tactics, etc. This author's ideas have helped me streamline some of the mental clutter and focus on the larger most important part of the picture.

Don't be put off by the title. Well researched, well written.
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The truth about the drug companies, Marcia Angell

I just finished reading The Truth About The Drug Companies, How They Deceive Us And What To Do About It by Marcia Angell, M.D. After reading this book I felt that it was important for me to share my impressions of it with the MS community here at ThisIsMS. I feel quite strongly that it should be required reading for anyone entering a medical profession, such as a medical student or nurse in training, as ...
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Review a book on MS and its yours for free

I'd like to advertise the standing offer that the Accelerated Cure Project (formerly Boston Cure Project) has for its book review program. If you agree to review a book for our web site, we'll buy it for you and have it shipped to your address.

We have a list of books we'd like reviewed, but we're happy to take your suggestions as long as the book is MS related. You can review a book that ...
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The Story of Prokarin

As several readers may know, my wife who has MS, has been using Prokarin for about 5 years now. It has helped relieve several of her symptoms and allowed her some quality of life that she would not otherwise enjoy.

The inventor of Prokarin, Elaine Delack, has just published a book about her story of how this transdermal cream came to be used in the symptom relief of MS. From her first diagnosis of MS ...
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Dr. Wayne Dyer

I've read lots of books since 1988, when my daughter was 2, when I started reading books. Before 1988 I could probably list all the books I read, which was 12 years post HS and 12 years in HS combined. Actually, I think I read a lot of the books I was supposed to read back in JHS & HS, in the early 90s.

I started reading in 1988 because my daughter was in the ...
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A novel with some relevance

So here's a novel that might appeal to members of This is MS: John le Carré, The Constant Gardener. Amazon has a snappy review:
British diplomat Justin Quayle, complacent raiser of freesias and doting husband of the stunning, much younger Tessa, has tended his own garden in Nairobi too long. Tessa is Justin's opposite, a fiery reformer, "that rarest thing, a lawyer who believes in justice," whose campaigns have earned her a nickname: "the Princess Diana ...
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Author: Howard L. Weiner, M.D.

I've recently come across a review of Dr. Weiner's book, "Curing MS: How Science is Solving the Mysteries of Multiple Sclerosis".

The review was published in the latest issue of "InsideMS", from the NMSS.

Has anyone read the book yet? Any thoughts?
I'm not usually one for medical books but, it would seem that the book is a type of historical investigation. The history of the search of an identification of MS.

It does sound ...
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Holiday reads - DaVinci etc

Seems Don Brown has made his fortune with The DaVinci Code and he'll make much more when he sells the film rights. It will make a very good film - if it get the right director and screen-writers.

But I thought it dreadful! One could not feel any empathy with any of the characters; the plot was thin and obvious; the contexts were embarrassingly dumb - we're in Paris so I'll make a reference to ...
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