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Should i take Rebif?

Hi All,
I've just registered and want to share my story and concerns.
I'm 38 old female married with 3 kids...I have been active working in the development field in the developing countries.
Feb 2015 i got my first attack and in the hospital they told me probably you have MS, i've visited more than 5 doctors to confirm and yes my MRI showed that i'm in a bad shape...lesions are everywhere!! still my symptoms ...
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Sleepy Rebif--and introduction

Okay, to back track and my experience with MS--back when I was in graduate school, I developed optic neuritis. Doc said that the odds were good I'd develop MS and he put me on a run of cortisone to slow the possible development of MS. Jump ahead 20 years, and presto! Now I have full-blown MS. Still fighting to get disability, and am now walker-dependent.
Just in the 2nd step of Rebif, but fairly recently, ...
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Bruising/redness site reactions

Hi all,
This is my first time posting here, I was diagnosed in October 2014 and started taking Rebif in December with the Rebismart device. Overall, I feel like I have gotten off pretty easy with side effects as the dreaded flu-like symptoms have been manageable. My question is if anyone has found a way to track injection sites, i.e. which places bruise/cause redness and which don't?? I find it so hard to predict and ...
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1 month supply of Rebif available in Dubai for a discount

Hi all,

I have been on Rebif Since Jan 2014; however i am now being shifted to Gilenya by my doctor.

I have a brand new box of Rebif (12 Pcs) in my fridge which i will no longer be using which was supposed to be my supply for Jun.

Im happy to sell it to whomever may be in need at a discounted price.

Feel free to get in touch with me.

My email ...
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Loss of appetite?

Started Rebif about 4 weeks ago. I've done really well with it. No injection site side effects. No serious pain. But I've noticed that I'm not as hungry as I used to be. I've been eating less, and when I do eat, I get full really quickly. I used to have a HUGE appetite too. This isn't really much of problem to me, but I'm just curious if this has happened to anyone else? or ...
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thinking of quitting Rebif, what to try next?

Hello Everyone,

I have been on Rebif for approx 10 years or so. I have been on .22 mcg only, my liver couldn't handle the .44 apparently. But it has been mostly side affect free and really working well as no real attacks since I started taking it. However lately (in the past couple months) I have been getting the flu like symptoms at night, it happens maybe one out of every 3 doses or ...
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This is the situation... looking for some wisdom.

Hi there, I was diagnosed with RR MS in May and I have been on the Rebif shots since June.
I will be honest and say that I really don't know a whole lot about MS other than what I've researched after the diagnosis. My doctor/neurologist were not incredibly enlightening but neither was I incredibly receptive. I went to the doctor originally for what I suspected to be a sinus infection, I left with ...
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Has Rebif intensified anyone's neuropathy?

36-year-old woman, diagnosed February 2013 (but first flare was April 2010). I have been on Rebif since May 2013. My neuropathy has intensified from just a numbness to pain during the time that I have been on Rebif. After my first flare, I wasn't on any meds because I hadn't been diagnosed yet. So the first time, it was just numb & tingly. Now (after the 2nd flare and after being on Rebif), the pain ...
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New updated electronic injection RebiSmart.....

New updated electronic injection RebiSmart for self-administration of Rebif

Merck Serono, the biopharmaceutical division of Merck, has introduced its updated electronic injection RebiSmart for self-administration of Rebif (interferon beta-1a). Rebif is the disease-modifying treatment of the company, which is used as basic therapy for the treatment of relapsing-remitting form of multiple sclerosis (MS).

The new RebiSmart allows patients to inject Rebif themselves, and may also collect information about injection times, dates and doses administered and ...
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Skin reaction

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum, purely because I have this one question and I would like to share my experience I have had with this amazing drug :smile: .

For now - my question:
Has anybody had a skin (or under the skin) permanent reaction? I was always too scared 8O to rotate my injections too much ...
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