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Injection location and side effects

Anyone find a correlation between the injection location and intensity of side effects?

I am definitely starting to see a pattern. When I inject in my stomach, the next day isn't so bad. But when I inject in my leg, it's horrible - every time.

I'm now at the point where I only inject my leg once a week, on Friday night, because otherwise I wouldn't make it to work the next morning. My poor ...
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surface skin numbness

I noticed about a year ago the surface skin on the outer portion of both my lower thighs went numb after a shot. Two shots actually, one each thigh. I figure I hit a nerve or something. Maybe was a little too low on the leg. Anyone else have this happen? I didn't get to alarmed over it and the feeling is slowly coming back. Been a Ribif junkie for about 3 years now. Lovin ...
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Where to buy Rebif?

We are going out of pocket to purchase Rebif 44mcg. We haven't had much luck locally. Can anyone recommend a place to purchase Rebif? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Faulty syringes

I have had four bad lots of syringes in a row, where the plunger does not go all the way down with the auto-injector, leaving some of the medication behind.

I called Serono and apparently there is an on-going investigation, as this is a wide-spread problem in Canada. And they've known about it for months.

Their only solution was to recommend switching to manual injection. I don't feel ready to do that yet but I ...
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Good News

I've been on Rebif for 2 1/2 years. I had a follow up MRI last week (it has been 3 years since my last MRI) and my dr. called and said I had no new lesions. It would appear that the drug is working!
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Any second timers?

I posted elsewhere that my neuro wants to re-titrate me on Rebif after my liver enzymes come back down. Is there anyone else that has done this? How is it going if so? How long did it take for them to come back to normal? Any info is appreciated!!!
Thanks a bunch,
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Rebif sides after two years

Does anyone still experience flu side effects after being on Rebif for a long time? I started on Avonex and the flu sides were awful at first but they got better over time. After two years on Rebif I still get the flu sides but keep taking it because it's apparently working (MRI was ok this time)
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I have never felt this bad in my life. Is this the Rebif?

I now have such a problem with this drug. I never knew it until I had a lapse in my insurance coverage and had to be off the meds for six weeks. I felt great (still had MS i know... but life was better)!!! I am now back into the dull everyday life of M.S. and the limitations that that brings to the table. I hope that these flu like symptoms will go away! I ...
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New formulation of Rebif

Just wondering if anyone is now receiving or have been told when they will receive the new formulation. As far as I know I haven't and I'm wondering if they are waiting till they use up their supplies first.
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Rebif Tips

Hi all, I'm sure you get asked this over and over but I am hoping for tips re Rebif. How to minimise skin reactions and side effects. I will be starting in a week and a half but thought I'd ask early in case I need to go buy anything!

Take care,

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