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Do you pay for your Rebif out-of-pocket?

Last week my Dr. switched me from Rebf to Copaxone. I have 10 unopened syringes left. If you are paying for your Rebif out of pocket, I know this has great value to you. I know they would have to be sent refrigerated (with ice) and I don't know how that is done. But, if you want them, they're yours.

Rick in Michigan
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Switching from ABC to Rebif

Well... after being on Avonex for what seem like eons... The neuros have decided to switch me over to Rebif....

He said I could take either Beta or Rebif - Didn't matter to him, just needed something stronger than Avonex (I guess he's one of the ones who believes more is better)

Now my actual question.... Since Rebif and Avonex are both Interferonbeta -1a how will this transition be for me? Has anyone else done ...
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Air Bubble

This might seem like a silly question but that has never stopped me before.

There is an air bubble in every syringe of Rebif. As I am currently on reduced dose, I get rid of the bubble when I dump part of the syringe contents before injecting. Next week I go to 100% dose, therefore no dumping of serum. Now what about the air bubble?

The nurse Serrono sent to provide instructions said just to ...
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rebif and anxiety

Anyone experienced anxiety attacks since going on rebif? I wasn't aware that this was a known side-affect. Panic/anxiety attacks, especially at night, accompanied by high heart-rate are becoming common. Could this be the rebif?
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Newly Diagnosed - Just Started Rebif

This is my first visit to this forum, and my first try at reaching out to others with MS. I was just diagnosed on June 22nd, and did my first Rebif injection yesterday. I'm awake at this hour because of pain (but that's normal for me). Just can't tell if this is extra aching because of the injection, as I am having some flu-like symptoms it seems. Just thought I'd introduce myself and say "HI" ...
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Has anyone experienced hives or itching related to rebif? I have been on rebif for 6 months and have been having bouts of itching and a rash. I have been using 44mcg but have been told to go off rebif for one week and start back at a half dose. Just wondered if anyone else had had that experience.
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Just starting...

Hello all..
I will be starting Rebif 8.8 tommorrow morning..
Can anybody enlighten me as what to expect ??
I will be taking it just before I leave for work. Is this a good idea ?? bad idea ?? any comments ??
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Rebif and depression

I've been on this drug for over a year now and I'm convinced it's making me really miserable and quite gloomy though my neuro dismisses it. I'm certain since going on this drug I've become even more depressed. Has anybody elese experienced this and what should I do? The drug is reducing attacks and I don't want to come off it.
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Anyone have to lower their dose b/c of...

Anyone have to lower their dose b/c of elevated liver enzymes? I had to do this and I am wonder how common it is. I had been on rebif for about 1 year when this happened. I did not even know there was anything wrong, my neuro always does blood work and called me to let me know I should cut my dose in half. Since then I have worked back to the full dose ...
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Question about Relapses

I have a question about relapsing - don't know if what I experience is "normal" or not.
I was dxd in April 2003, and began Rebif in June. I am 40, female, and overweight.
Anyway, I have what I think are "relapses" - in April, just after my dx, I had a new "episode" in which my entire body went numb, with extreme pain in my hands and feet and partial paralysis in some of ...
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