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Anyone need 44mcg Rebif prefilled needles?

I was recently diagnosed with MS back in June. My neurologist put me on Rebif and although I've heard a lot of people benefit from this drug, it was just not the right drug for me and gave me flare ups so I am stuck with a months supply minus one needle and instead of throwing them all away I figured I would see if anyone may need them? I'm not looking for money I ...
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Post Injection Malaise

Greetings all- I've been on Rebif for over two years now and while I've managed to deal with any flu-like symptoms, I still sometimes feel worn out and "wifty" the next day. I do my injections at night with 400-600 mg of Ibuprofen and drink lots of water during the day. Any suggestions?
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Another rebif injection site question

Hey everyone! Ok so once again I have a headach question. Sorry. Ok, Since I have been taking rebif for almost a yr now, I have been getting super aweful headachs. But I have been noticing that when I inject myself, if it is a painful injection I have the headachs waking up in the middle of the night or the following day and sometimes the next two days.

I have never used the auto ...
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Rebif use following first sign of possible MS

Rebif use following first sign of possible MS reduces likelihood of progression to MS


People who received injections of the multiple sclerosis (MS) drug interferon beta-1a soon after their first signs of possible MS were less likely to progress to clinically definite MS than people who switched to interferon beta-1a from placebo, according to new phase three results of the three-year REFLEXION clinical trial that will be presented as part of the Emerging Science ...
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Splitting pain when injecting

Hi, I have looked in other threads but can't find a conclusive answer so please forgive a probably previously covered thread.

I have been using REBIF for a couple of months now and have started getting a splitting pain during the injection during the fluid going in.

Any ideas what it might be? Is it because I inject into muscle? (am quite skinny) Or is the depth too much (I haven't changed it - it's ...
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Wondering whether to stay on Rebif

Hi Everyone,
So That's me been taking Rebif for 3 months now (RR for 12 years now, 35 yo). Have taking nothing prior to that except for a relapse last May which required Corticosteroid treatment in hospital.
And now that I've been on 44 mcg, 3x a week (M/W/F) for about 6 weeks, I'm finding it more and more difficult.
The morning after my injection, I am hit very hard and I find it more ...
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Migraines since starting rebif?

Hello everyone, hope your doing well tonight! I started on rebif july 2011. Overall things have been so much better than I thought they would ever be with the ms. no relapse at all since I started. :)

I was just wondering if anyone taking rebif has experienced migraines since starting ? I have and I usually never would have headaches at all. I'm not sure if ...
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Rebif and Metrorrhagia side effect

I am hoping someone here can help me with my concern. My mom 57 years old was on Avonex for the last 5 years and 5 weeks ago her Doctor changed her med to Rebif. After taking Rebif, she experienced some heavy Metrorrhagia side effect she went back to her doctor and couldn't figure out what might have caused this. It happens frequently now and it is really concerning me. Is this a normal Rebif ...
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REBIF & Thyroid function

I've been on Rebif since 2005. The day after I had my routine blood work done at the beginning of December, I got a call from my Dr.'s office. Thyroid levels off, sending prescription to drug store - come back in 6 weeks for retest. Well that was last week so today I stopped in to see what the story was. Seems the Dr. got the dosage right on the first try. Level are back ...
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EC approval for Rebif use extension for early MS


Merck KGaA said the European Commission or EC has approved extension of the indication of Rebif, a treatment for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis or MS. This EC approval, based on REFLEX study results, is for the use of Rebif 44 micrograms three times weekly in patients who have experienced a single demyelinating event, an early sign of the disease, and who are at high risk of converting to MS....Read More ...
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