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Merck KGaA submits Rebif extention application in Europe


Merck KGaA submitted an application to the European Medicines Agency or EMA to extend the indication of Rebif, its treatment for multiple sclerosis or MS. The company added that the requested label extension is for the use of Rebif in patients who have experienced a single demyelinating event, an early sign of the disease, and who are at high risk of converting to MS..... Read More - ... ageid/1901 ...
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Interferon at first sign of MS delays progression


Starting interferon-beta-1a (Rebif New Formulation) immediately upon an episode of a clinically isolated syndrome delayed progression to full-blown multiple sclerosis, but once-weekly treatment was less effective than the standard dosing interval, a researcher said here.

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial called REFLEX showed that 62% and 76% of patients assigned to 44 mcg of interferon subcutaneously three times or once weekly, respectively, met 2005 McDonald criteria for MS after two years -- the study's primary ...
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My experience with ReBif

Sorry to purposely create a new post when there already is a header for such discussion. I just want to share my experience as it is still relatively new and evolving.

First, a little about me. I am a 30year old white male, born and raised from Windsor Ontario Canada. I have never smoked cigarettes, do not drink alcohol (I could count the times I have gotten drunk on one hand). Never done drugs. I ...
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Side effects question....

I have been on the 44 dose of Rebif for over two years now. Never experienced any side effects. I could take it anytime throughout the day without worry.
Recently, I have had four seperate side effect flare-ups. These four occasions were beyond a doubt the worst four nights I have ever had in my life. They all happened within anhour to an hour and a half after injection. It is almost as i feel ...
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Serono settles lawsuit alleging it paid doctors to prescribe

Serono settles lawsuit alleging it paid doctors to prescribe MS drug Rebif


The Swiss drug giant Merck Serono S.A. will pay $44.3 million to the US government to settle a lawsuit that charged the company illegally funneled money to doctors to prescribe and promote their Multiple Sclerosis drug Rebif, according to the Department of Justice.

A Serono employee - a California based regional business director - blew the whistle on the company's alleged payments ...
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Why did you choose Rebif?

i posted a similar question elsewhere with no results. therefore, i am going to post this same question in the specific drug rooms.

was it your Dr's recommendations or was it due to your own personal preference. if it was your own preference, why this one?

thank you
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Any side effects from longterm use??

:?: Been shooting up for about 6 years now. Other then the red patches on my belly, no real side effects that I can attribute to Rebif. Has anyone read about or experienced anything that could be attributed to long term use, say 5 plus years.
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low white cell count

Hi, I am new to the forums and have question that maybe someone here can help me out. I have been on Rebif since September of 2010 and my first MS attack was relatively severe in May-July of 2010. My recent blood work showed normal liver enzymes and slighly below normal white blood cell count (especially in comparison to previous blood work). My question is if this is a good thing. I reason that if ...
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Rebif and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Anybody have any other autoimmune disease diagnosis while taking Rebif?

Here's my situation:
In 2003, I was diagnosed with MS, optic neuritis being the only physical symptom. Now in 2011, in addition to MS, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, another autoimmune disease. I believe Rebif is the link.
I first took Rebif from 2003 to 2008.While taking Rebif, I was severely depressed but combated that with prozac sufficiently. However, in 2008 I started to be frequently ...
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Liver functions up - coming off Rebif for 2 weeks - advice?


Had liver function results today. Liver functions up so Neuro has decided to take me off Rebif for 2 weeks to evaluate. However 2 weeks will stretch to 3 because I am back in the UK for a week before returning to Middle East.

I am worried about a relapse - any advice on how to minimise risk? I am currently in CIS stage.

Neuro said he may switch me to Copoxone when I ...
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