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Rebif after Avonex

I have RRMS, and switched to Rebif about 14 months ago after being on Avonex since 2002. I was fairly stable on Avonex with some mild baseline symptoms, but my neuro recommended I switch to Rebif when I had said I noticed that some old symptoms left and some new symptoms appeared.

In the time that I switched to Rebif, it seems like fatigue, leg weakness, and spasticity have become more frequent. This of course ...
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Short temper

Anyone else notice this side effect when taking rebif?
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Rebif users in Canada Focus Group

My father has MS and was diagnosed in early 2000. He is now bed ridden and lives with me and my husband as he requires constant care. I know the financial burden that MS can put on a Family so since I work in the market research field and one of my clients was asking the I recruit for an MS medication telephone focus group, I said yes. This is not a scam and you ...
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Hi All,

I just had MRI yesterday and the result was out today. There are 2-3 small new lesions :( and the previous lesions were getting smaller.
My neuro informed me that now he suspected that I might have ODM instead of MS since most of my relapzes that I am experiencing is Optic Neuritis.
He did not explain in detail yet on the phone what is ...
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Inflamed colon from Rebif?

I have been on Rebif for 3 months. Had a bout of diverticulitis 3 wks ago, cannot seem to fully recover, even after hefty antibiotics. Not sure it is the diverticulitis, or just inflamation, but low grade fever as well, for 3 wks. Taking tons of Tylenol and Advil while on Rebif. Stopped Rebif a week ago.
Bloodwork shows low red blood cell count, low hemoglobin, low hematocrit (anemia), and high sed rate, and segs ...
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Injection Schedule????

Got a question.... I have been on Rebif for a while now. I try to inject every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Lately, I have had alot on my mind, and have been scatter brained at best. I have missed a couple of my dates for injection. I have just been injecting on the very next day, wich has my schedule all screwed up. I reckon what I am asking is.... How important is it to ...
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Injection locations

Hey everyone -

I have been on rebif for 4 or 5 years now, and ive been using the recommended locations the entire time. However I am getting sick of using the back of my arm, my wife has to help with it which she does not enjoy, and i find it to be the biggest pain to do as well. So my question is, will i be fine if i just use the other ...
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Rebif + Supplements


If it's bad form to do this when I don't personally have MS, my bad, and I sincerely apologize.

However, my bride to be does have RRMS. About a year in. So hopefully that makes this OK.

Is there any known/good reason not to do certain supplements while on rebif?

The few I'm most concerned with are: Vitamin D, Resveritrol, and OPCs. Or, if you know of any others to look into that would ...
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Started Rebif on April 1st because Copaxone quit working for me. Neuro wanted me to give Rebif a 6-month shot. She said if I didn't tolerate it or if it didn't slow MS progression, she'd switch me to Tysabri.

The first dose was horrid and each since has been more horrid. Spending most days curled up in bed or on sofa due to pain in joints; skin also hurts serverly (back, shoulders, neck &, as ...
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