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Liver Pain??

Hey Y'all,

Has anyone currently on Rebif ever experienced liver pain? I've been on Rebif since April, and have had pain in my upper right abdominal quadrant on several occasions. Right by where the liver sits, as far as I'm aware. Since the docs told me Rebif could cause liver damage, I am a bit worried. Its not terrible pain, it feels more like a cramp. I havent had my blood tests yet, but will ...
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ok-rebif?? that's is

do you like these meds?
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i meant switching to rebif?

what do you all think of your meds?

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switching to Rebif?


my neuro is taking me off of copaxone and I need to pick a new abc..I'm thining rebif-- what do you fine folks that take rebif think about their meds?
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What to do with unused medication?

I had to stop taking Rebif due to rising liver enzymes. However, Im left with about a month supply of 22mcg syringes. Now I'm not sure what to do with it. I imagine the officially proper thing to do with it is to dispose of it but I have not been able to bring myself to throw out 2k+ worth of medication. Is there any means to deal with this situation without the liability issues? ...
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Neutralizing antibodies

Has anyone been able to review the recent article on this? I can't tell from the title what the point of the article is.

Interferon Neutralizing Antibodies in Multiple Sclerosis: A New Perspective
Archives of Neurology 2010; 67: 386-387.
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New Blood Test Predicts Who Will Benefit From Interferons

A simple blood test is now available to predict who will and who will not benefit by using Interferons. No more guess work. No more trying to figure out will it work for me, which one will work, is it working or not.

Ask your neurologist about this.

The underlines are mine. It's pretty extraordinary that the test is currently available but "more study is needed" Ask your doctor now.

This is from I'll ...
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Disposing of Needles

I currently have a year's worth of used needles stored in a plastic Folger's coffee canister (a perfect container, btw). I remember the MS Lifelines nurse telling me that they cannot go into the garbage so what should I do with them?
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getting started on rebif-- depression as a side effect

Hi, I'm new to this forum, have been dx in Feb 2010 with RRMS. Sorry this is going to be long, hope someone knows anything about this kind of stuff!

I have first been started on Avonex by my neuro- after 1 shot with half the dose I became severely depressed after about 2 days, so my neuro told me to stop it immediately and go onto Rebif the week after. Six days after the ...
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Increased relapse stopping Rebif?

Hi all,
Still considering what the heck to do about my new disease :)

It seems I ran across an article when I first started researching options that cited an increase in the number & severity of relapses once a patient had to stop rebif. (due to side effects, antibodies etc)

Has anyone seen data to support/deny this? I'd love a link if you have info.
I'm ...
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