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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Topamax for nerve pain?

Has anyone any experience using Topamax for nerve pain?
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Baclofen and alcohol

Hi all. I am on 5 mg of Baclofen twice a day for muscle spasms (so 10 mg total per day). I have been told not to drink while on this drug because it can cause sleepiness, but I have a friend who takes it for hereditary spastic paraplegia and she said she has no problems at all drinking while on the Baclofen. Just wondering what your experiences are. Any trouble taking Baclofen and having ...
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Hi all. After first being diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome back in June, my neurologist decided to change the diagnosis to RRMS yesterday, following the receipt of normal EMG and nerve conduction study results. He also took another closer look at my MRIs and decided that several lesions on my MRI are characteristic of MS. Anyway, after asking me how I would do with giving myself shots and me kind of balking at that prospect, ...
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Fatigue relief in MS patien studies


The following is a link to public information on a randomized control study of patients using Bemer Electro Magnetic Therapy. These studies show a marked improvement in general fatigue as you can see.

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HI Friends please read

Unpublished Data May Point to Link Between Lemtrada and Other Autoimmune Diseases in MS Patients ... -diseases/

Previously unpublished results of clinical trials of Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) appears to contain key information as to why many multiple sclerosis patients who use it develop other autoimmune diseases.

Researchers looked at the immune cell mix after Lemtrada depleted many of those cells. They discovered that certain B-cells ...


Do prosthetics really work for those with Multiple Sclerosis.
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Have not started yet.

I am currently taking 50,000 IU of D 2 x/week. B complex, and Fish oil 3, 6, 9.

My JCV test came back borderline positive. I am eligible for Tsyabri, and I am considering Plegerdy. Is there anything else I should consider. I will of course check with the Doc at my appointment in a couple of weeks. I also live with a nurse.
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Multiple Sclerosis desatascador

MS should be renamed Magnetite Supersufficiency. As children, we have had a bout of iron overload and not realised. The excess iron has been oxidised, chiefly as hematite and magnetite and stored because the bodies own chelation mechanism is insufficient. This you can read about on the net. What you can't read is lateral thinking in that the storage sites are in the head and feet at the ends of the arterial network. The reason ...
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Aubagio - side effects

hi and help

after taking aubagio for only 5 weeks my hair has been falling out for the last 3 months and shows no signs of stopping.

I really dont know whats going on - ive refused any additional medication until this stops. Neither of my doctors both men even
mentioned this as a side effect and to be honest if they had i probably would not have opted for this. I am feeling a ...
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Starting treatment...before diagnosis?

Hey there everyone, thanks for reading. I'm a 28 year old female; I've been followed by a neurologist for almost 4 years now. I have NOT been officially diagnosed with MS, but I have had textbook symptoms and family history.
3 years ago I developed optic neuritis in one eye (likely postpartum, my first child was 8 weeks old) -- this is the ONLY diagnosable MS symptom I have had in almost 4 years (June ...
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