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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

More questions for ye the experts: need specialist/MS clinic

:?: I have not found anyone or any center here in VA that has will take the holistic approach to working with a person who lives with MS. Suggestions would be very much appreciated... since we have been waiting for two months for an answer from a clinic in NC and one in SC. The MS Center in Virginia (Tidewater) will not see me until they ...
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Anyone currently using the Cal EAP protocol? In the USA?

:) Is anyone in MS land currently on the CAL EAP protocal? Are you working with a physician in the USA? I have been doing quite a bit of reading on the topic and would like to hear from those who have tried it. Since I anticipate a few negative/angry answers..... please remember that some of us support a more natural approach to address the symptoms. ...
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I guess I get to be a guinea pig of sorts, only inadvertantly, as I started Tomaxifen three days ago as a preventative for reoccurrence of breast cancer. It was highly recommended by the oncologist that I do this as statistically the tomaxifen would provide a significant reduction in all breast cancer events. So of course I decided that I should add this to my regimin of drugs that I take. But he also had ...
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Prozac (fluoxetine) & neurogenesis ?

I followed an old article found here, that i raised a question on in the thread, and kept on hitting research that found that Prozac and related drugs caused new neurons to be made. I am guessing with prozacs proliferation, that some people here could have been on it at some time.

My question is, did you notice anything?

Although most if not all talk is on the hippocampus specifically.
Dr Anthony Hannan ...
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Desipramine & levetiracetam, anyone?

A few months back now, a member here (OddDuck) wrote an article regarding these two drugs. Has anyone tried either of these two drugs? in particular the Desipramine?

You can find the article i am speaking of at
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IV solumedrol as preventitive for relapses

I finished a 2 day course ofIV solumedrol 2 days ago and today had to come home from work due to fatigue, muscle pain and some vision difficulties. The vision problems have resolved but not the fatigue and muscle aches. It feels like my neck and torso have been used as a punching bag. I'm concerned about this because my neurologist wants me to start regular IV treatments one day a month to prevent further ...
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UK vs. US drug regimens

Hi all.

My mother has MS and lives in the UK, I live in USA. I want to know if she is getting the best treatment. I am always looking at what is out there. She has secondary progressive - and is quite progressed. There isn't much - but even with treatments for symptoms some are better than others.

Currently all they are giving her in UK is:
Symmetrel for fatigue
B vitamins
*Paroxetine* for ...
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Still Not Done Yet

I have been following the Wheldon protocol for the last year and a half and recently stopped full time treatment. A week ago, I wrote to David describing my experience since stopping full-time, antibiotic treatment.

I wrote, "Well, I've been off antibiotics since April 15 and in the last couple of weeks, I've noticed a few problems creeping back. I have been experiencing more violent spasms(worst in two years) in my legs with increased frequency ...
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Here we go.....

This is to document my MS adventure....I hope someone finds it useful/interesting (apart from me!)

History: I was diagnosed in January 2006, at the time suffering some fairly severe difficulties walking, bladder disfunction and fatigue. I lost sensation on on side of my body and in one arm Looking back my first symptoms were in October 2004 when I had some hearing problems in one ear and difficulty passing water.

Currently: All my symptoms have ...
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Twenty-three and onward

It is several months since my last post. This is a short update for those who are interested in how antibiotics return to some people lives that were thought lost for always.

In Sept., 2004 I was very dim and fading fast when my sister found the work of David Wheldon and Charles Stratton based on the cause of MS as a bacterium of the Chlamydia family, a nasty, devious bug not even discovered until ...
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