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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Bladder Spasms, please help

I have trouble urinating... certain things relieve the spasms that prevent me from urinating, but I haven't found a really solid way of treating this.

Is there ANYTHING out there that could possibly help me urinate better? Some sort of natural remedy?

Glucosamine helped me somewhat with urinating, but didn't relieve it as much as I expected in the end.

Anyway, please help!
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Calcium EAP

I´m a MS patient from germany.Is there anybody who makes Nieper Therapy with Calcium EAP.I´m searching for those people .I´ll do this therapy about 9 years and it is very good.Everything is the same as when MS started.Sorry for my english but school is a long time ago.I´m 43 years old and havin MS about 9 years.
So, if there is someone who knows people doing Calcium EAP therapy,please send a mail to me. ...
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Denver CO

Does anyone know of any physical trainers /therapists in Denver who are worth a darn? I worked with a girl named Katherine here, but I need something a bit more. I feel bad not wanting to use her, but right now I need someone who can incorporate a cardio, weight training, and neurological acuity regimen.

I have no clue where to start looking so I figured here would be a good place to start.
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Anyone taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine w/ Lipoic Acid, Glycine....

I've been rotating throughout the weeks between Acetyl-L-Carnitine / Lipoic acid, Glycine, N-Acetylglucosamine, Glucosamine Chondroitin and even Milk Thistle 1000 Mgs.

It all sounds so scary doesn't it.

I feel extremely good the past three months, much better than on any of the useless needles and pills the neuros have given me.

Do any of you take any of the above listed? I am also on Copaxone, but I didn't start feeling my oats again ...
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not sure

i've reaally only stayed on mino because i had to take some other abx for non stop UTI. and sarah was right abx has cleared my head completely
it just looks like my body has alot of different bacteria to deal with
one at a time
thanks for asking
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i was feeling so sorry for myself on thurs 10, i called john hopkins to see if i qualified for the REVIMMUNE trial,haven't heard anything back so i will call again this week. when i told my gp i called them, he said i was single minded. first it was LDN, then ABX, then lyme and now chemo and why not in canada. he was just a jerk. joe could tell i was upset and ...
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Cheerleader's Regimen for her Husband

Welp.I thought it was time to put down all the supplement info I’ve compiled into one place. Warning: this will be long, but hopefully of help to others.

Here’s our story. It’s been almost a year since my darling 43 year old husband told me he felt really lousy. Numbness and tingling up and down his left side, sore legs, painful feet. Strange urgent bladder issues. One day, we went for our usual walk with ...
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Imagine the solumedrol highs without the side effects

Ok, I must be dreaming because this n-acetyl glucosamine has got me bouncing off the walls with goodness.

This morning I had two teaspoons after last nights one teaspoon; today mixed with orange juice instead of hot tea.

The first hour after consuming this morning's, I had slight paranoia and slight anxiety (sort of like last night, but a little stronger with a higher dose). This feeling reminded me the paranoia feeling of marijuana.

BUT, ...
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I'm making myself a lab rat for n-acetylglucosamine

NOTE: Below this messege I've posted some very interesting information about a certain strain of Glucosamine that has dramatically helped mice with the animal model of MS. Since there are no human trials going on at the moment for this, I'm gonna do it to myself. Clinical studies move as slowly as my bowel movements. I'm not gonna sit around and wait.

I found this specifial glucosamine (n-acetyl) variety at

They have a link ...
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Baclofen for spasticity

I just started this a couple of days ago. For those who don't know, it is a muscle relaxant prescribed for MS or people with spinal injuries. I am amazed at the benefits I am getting. I didn't realize how stiff my legs were and how much it has been contributing to my difficulty walking until I got on this relaxant. It has definitely changed my ability to get around for the better!

So, my ...
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