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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Just bought children's fish oil by mistake!

Ugh -- I bought Carlson's Norwegian fish oil and thought I was buying the smallest size so that I could try it. Turns out its children's! 800 mg. Do I just double the dose, since their adult fish oil is 1600 mg? Will I get enough nutrient from fish oil alone? Bought it because it was the only brand refrigerated at Whole Foods. I'd prefer capsules so welcome all recommendations for brands/dosing and confirmation that ...
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Just starting to put together vitamins and supplements help!

I'm just beginning to organize my supplements after a recent dx of MS. I want the best quality *fresh* (cold pressed Omega-3, fish and/or flax), etc.

- Which supplements would you buy first, where would you buy them?
- How would you store them?
- And what would you add on as time went by?

I'm trying to start with a few key supplements, which I assume are D, B, Omega 3.

Many thanks, I ...
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Suggestions for dosing/regimen


I'm brand new, awaiting a MS dx, but likely won't happen until early next month.

Meanwhile, I'm taking control of what I can do myself. For now that's primarily with diet and supplementation.

My primary question right now is: What next steps should I take to boost my vitamin D level?

A couple of weeks ago, it came back as 9.9 ng/ml. That's obviously completely unacceptable. I took a 400,000 IU megadose almost two ...
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Dr Rosedale diet

Hello, I recently read this interview ... -and-diet/

and found it very appealing. I have been following the Paleo diet for the last one and a half years and I find helpful to know some possible scientific fundamentals behind it (apart from the story of the inability to adapt of the human body to the big changes in diet in the last 10.000 years). The Rosedale diet seems ...
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Megadosing b-12. Pee not turning bright yellow.

(Right off the bat, i havent been dx with ms) But im going through the motions.

I have been taking vitamin b-12 to see if it is a b-12 deficiency. And they say there is no unsafe amounts to take it and the excess will be flushed resulting in bright yellow pee. I have been taking 5000 mcg of methyl b-12 and 1000mcg of cyano b-12 (which i think equates to 90,000% over rda!)
Pee ...
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vit D source

I need to start vit D again. I've taken it in the past and felt much better and did not get the cold/flu going around at all.
1st question: what variant of D should I take for MS? D, D3 or something else?
2nd question: what brand? I've taken Nutri-West HI-D3 before and had good results but it is maddeningly difficult to get. Pureformulas is out of stock with no known ETA. The manufacturer wants ...
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rHGH @ 2IU (Somatropin)

I am 32, male, I have had MS for 15 years - physically I am fortunately in a fairly good state without much disability. 5"10, 59kg (130lb) which isn't great. That's on the very low end of the healthy BMI range, which isn't exactly ideal. ... .155.short

I have just started prescribed Somatropin @ 2 IU per day and will report back on how I'm feeling.

There's been ...
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meat - How does it work?

Hi All,

I am new to any of the diets that exist to MS and am hoping that any of you can help me to explain eating of meat. If meat would be bad for MS, what is the underlying mechanism? Is it just the saturated fat, or are more mechanisms playing a role?

Thanks so much
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Blood test - what to test

Hello everybody,

I'm a 31-yo female and this is my first post after reading a lot.

I was taken into the hospital with numbness from my toes up to my neck plus 3 fingertips last March. First thoughts were directed to Guillain-Barre but testing did eventually point more towards MS. The MRI found an active lesion in my spine (C4-C5), an inactive lesion somewhere in the brain and LP showed oligl bands in the CSF. ...
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