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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.


I know we all have varying levels of ability, MS or not. But I'm here to tell you. Try yoga. Find a DVD that you like and you can do at home if you're not up for a class.

Personally, I always resist yoga because it seems so "inactive." But I've been feeling so tight and tired lately and this morning, just threw on my beginner yoga DVD. After two 20-minute sessions, I'm relaxed and ...
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Katman: My adventures in MS

It was suggested by one of our reknowned elders that I record my adventures here. I was reluctant at first because I am very much a newcomer here but then realized that we all have something different to offer For the last few days, I have wandered around and tasted some of the various flavors. I think I like them all.

One of my favorite things in life is to make waves. Now that I ...
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Better Brain Regimen

A few posts here have mentioned the regimen for MS in The Better Brain Book by Perlmutter.

I recently bought the book. I think its a useful reference. In addition to a discussion of key risks/impacts on brain function and how to minimize, it had a good “glossary” explaining the purpose of several key supplements.

The book has sections on specific brain disorders, including MS (others are stroke, vascular dementia, alzheimers, parkinsons, and ALS).

The ...
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When I was first diagnosed about 2 years ago, like anyone, I tried to find out all I could. One article I came across was a study done with mice or some other lab animal, wherein the researchers found that if the test animals were not given any food for two (or maybe it was three days) their MS like symptoms decreased dramatically. This was confirmed, verified ect.. through diseection. (forgive me animal lovers). Has ...
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steroid therapy

Anyone ou there, I need advice on steroid therapy. My Neurologist suggested it. I have had MS for 7 years. Did ok, had a baby and went downhill. I am doing all the right things/ drugs/exercise/alternativesupplements/massage/ good attitude.... yada yada but to know avail. I am 35 -using a cane and unable to venture two steps off and on throughout the day. I have not done steroids since my first attack which had left me ...
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Is it true? It could be bacteriostatic?

I don't know why, but it just upset me, it seems like such a weird thing> Does that mean others got cold sores etc?

My doctor is truly great, and in fact warned me to be alert that if I was feeling crappy or depressed it was the shingles, not a slide down the MS side of the hill. Which is in fact what I'm feeling now. He said its easy to forget that a ...
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LJM antibiotic log/start

I have also started on antibiotics and hope to periodically post the results.

I had a flu in Jan/05 that developed into a wierd neurological symptoms including numb hands, arms and torso and neck: extreme weakness and imbalance: hyperactive reflexes. A spinal tap showed oligoclonal banding and I'm waiting for an MRI. I've been advised the event was either transitory myelitis or MS.

I read David Wheldon's regime and spoke to Charles Stratton at Vanderbilt. ...
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On Wheldon regime and loving it

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post although I have been eager to post earlier. Just wanted to make sure that the positive changes are not temporary and are here to stay.

A bit about me: I am a 33 year old woman with 3 young children, 1,2 and 5 years old. I am not diagnosed with MS but have had a lot of MS like symptoms since august 2004. I am a Taurus and ...
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Preventing Multiple Sclerosis webcast

I would like to bring to your collective attention the latest webcast by DIRECT-MS. It is entitled Preventing Multiple Sclerosis and is the second in a series of web casts regarding nutrition and Multiple Sclerosis. The focus of the Prevention presentation is how MS can be easily, safely and inexpensively prevented by focusing on protective factors. This is a must see for those people with MS who have children.

Our previous webcast, Nutritional Strategies for ...
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Low-sat fat diet, omega-3s, ALA, statin, Ginkgo, Copaxone

My first exacerbation was in 1996, so I have had MS now for 8 1/2 years. I have had a total of four exacerbations, each milder than the last. I have no disabilty, and no symptoms of MS, and my last exacerbation was three years ago.

However, I have no idea whether to credit my regimen for my good health thus far. I strongly suspect someone else with more aggressive disease might have followed my ...
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