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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Still Not Done Yet

I have been following the Wheldon protocol for the last year and a half and recently stopped full time treatment. A week ago, I wrote to David describing my experience since stopping full-time, antibiotic treatment.

I wrote, "Well, I've been off antibiotics since April 15 and in the last couple of weeks, I've noticed a few problems creeping back. I have been experiencing more violent spasms(worst in two years) in my legs with increased frequency ...
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Here we go.....

This is to document my MS adventure....I hope someone finds it useful/interesting (apart from me!)

History: I was diagnosed in January 2006, at the time suffering some fairly severe difficulties walking, bladder disfunction and fatigue. I lost sensation on on side of my body and in one arm Looking back my first symptoms were in October 2004 when I had some hearing problems in one ear and difficulty passing water.

Currently: All my symptoms have ...
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Twenty-three and onward

It is several months since my last post. This is a short update for those who are interested in how antibiotics return to some people lives that were thought lost for always.

In Sept., 2004 I was very dim and fading fast when my sister found the work of David Wheldon and Charles Stratton based on the cause of MS as a bacterium of the Chlamydia family, a nasty, devious bug not even discovered until ...
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Sunshine and doxycycline

Copied from "Antibiotics"

Along with the seasonal change in the northern hemisphere to longer, sunnier days, I thought it might be wise to remind people taking doxycycline that they should avoid prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun. Although on vacation at the moment, David went in to the hospital today to check his mail and found a few people experiencing rashes and suchlike, so please remember your sunscreen and/or sunhats and long sleeves.

Sarah ...
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Hyperbaric oxygen

Has anyone here tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (breathing oxygen in a high pressure chamber)?

Does anyone know of any research into its efficacy?

I just started a course of treatment (1 dx for 3 weeks). The centre I'm going to makes no great claims, only that about 1 in 3 see an improvement in symptoms specifically improved bladder function (frequency and urgency) and improve fatigue levels. Since my current routine is to start yawning at ...
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vitamin YAY!!!!!!!!

ok get this: i was getting slowly better but then my daily b complex pill pushed my folic acid over the top and i started itching like mad.

i dropped the daily b complex to 3x/wk, and kept on with the b12. then i noticed that my last problem to resolve had taken a turn for the worse. my hands felt like dead slabs of meat on the ends of my arms (i could still ...
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Antibiotics post a risk for increased lung infections?

Posted on ThisIsMS' articles page is the following: "Recent interest in antibiotics as a potential treatment for MS have brought this class of therapeutics into our sphere of interest. A new study shows that acne sufferers, a group that often uses long-term antibiotics of the tetracycline family have an elevated risk for developing upper respiratory tract infections.
More specifically, for patients using topical or internal antibiotics for longer than six weeks, the risk for an ...
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Here we go , I started doxy on Sat. working up to 200 mgs by yesterday as pharmacy wanted me to work up slowly due to questionable allergy problems to tetracycline as a child.

So far so good, I felt like I was coming down with cold first day and it went away.

I meet with my doctor next week to discuss addition of zithromax, I wrote her a 3 page letter explaining I need ...
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Established/Published Regimens

I'm interested in comparing a number of published regimens to see how they compare and contrast and then study the differences. Meaning, I'm looking for ones that are "publicly out there" and have had a good bit of public scrutiny. I've identified 3 so far:

The one in the Allen Bowling book
The best bet one the Direct-ms website
The one in the Judy Graham book

I'm not interested in ones that are developed by ...
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Abx sojourn

Ok, here goes, it's time to start a treatment log.

I already keep one on CPn which is mostly for myself. This one I will keep for others.

First, a little about us. J is my husband diagnosed in May 2004. Prior to his exacerbation he had eye floaters (while jogging), numbness in his pinky side of his right hand, interminent color change (for years) and a swallowing issue. All of these were dismissed by ...
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