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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Tman’s antibiotic journey.

In 8/04 I had Lhermitte’s sign and numb fingers. 10/04 had MRI with 3 lesions on brain and one spinal cord lesion in the neck area. The lesion in the neck was enhanced, but there was no enhancement fluid used for the brain MRI. I had a spinal tap that came out negative. The neurologist said I had an 80% chance of getting a MS diagnosis in a year or two.

I had developed another ...
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Additions to supplement list in my first post!

If you look at the first of my postings in "Anecdote's Personal treatment Regime" you will see that I have made some additions to the supplements list. These are in no way compulsory, but I have found them very beneficial, especially when you get onto the metronodizole. It means you don't have to take so much of the other supplements as well!

Sarah :wink:
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ms regimen

:lol: Betaseron ( for the obvious), folic acid 3mg (lg dose) for severe pain from elbows down to hands. Neuro said nerve pain but not carpel tunnel or cubital tunnel. He says it is still out in the medical world whether or not it is caused by the MS or by the Interferon.

B12, L-carnitine (for fatigue), Provigil (for fatigue), milk thistle (for my liver), cranberry extract ...
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Designing an exercise programme for a participant with MS

Though multiple sclerosis can be a challenging health condition both physically and psychologically, research has shown that a person's level of physical fitness, psychological disposition and general quality of life can improve with regular physical activity, strength training, and flexibility exercises. As Johnson says, despite ongoing hopes for a cure for multiple sclerosis, "exercise is universally available and can be readily designed for virtually any level of neurological disability"

That's from The site is ...
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Using Medical Marijuana

Alison Myrden has Multiple Sclerosis. Her condition causes her constant pain, bladder problems and leg spasms. The drugs prescribed for her condition render her comatose. Instead, Alison chooses medical marijuana. Come spend a day with her and find out why.
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As some of you may know, or possibly recognize my "name", I've been a member here for 6 or 8 months I believe. As of recent I have spent limited time here not because I have ANY dislikes about this board. I just felt I was getting MS saturated....not a good thing. Why make this more of my life than it already is.

I have also visited several other MS forums. Seems I always end-up ...
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Anti-viral treatment

Given the hypotheses that MS may have a viral cause especially the Epstein Barr virus, I am going to discuss with my doctor taking valacyclovir which is an anti-viral treatment. In a 2002 study in Denmark patients on valacyclovir showed 20% fewer lesions on average than controls. Is anybody else trying this or contemplating this?

Alex, London
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Eat What?

[It took many years to learn what I have been taught wrong. And what must be corrected. The following is what I have just barely come to understand.

THINGS WE MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND: (courtesy, in part, of Hypocrates, Mishu Kushi, and a life-long curiosity)
First, do no Harm Hypocrates, 370 B.C.
You are what You Eat!
There is no CURE. It took us a long time ...
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Looking for a "regimen" to call my own...

I'm new here... just posted an intro, started poking around, found this thread and realized everyone posting is lightyears ahead of me.

A little background: I was diagnosed in 12/04. Decided to go to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a corroborative opinion because it was close by and seemed like an institution on the cusp of research. I was mostly asymptomatic, so willing to do all the diagnostic stuff for the benefit of ...
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Weblinks on Chlamydia pneumoniae

Here's a list I compiled of many relevant links on Chlamydia pneumoniae:

** Information on Chlamydia pneumoniae in general **

** Information on Chlamydia pneumoniae and its relationship to human diseases in general **

This article includes neurological diseases and includes the statement, currently ignored by most neurologists, that “chlamydial infections should be included in the differential diagnosis of neurological syndromes.” ...
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