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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Kitkat2's "Ax"-cellent Adventure!

My mino and doxy have arrived apparently just in time for me to be thoroughly confused about the protocols. The "latest" seems to be quite different.
Began mino. yest. Two doses so far and have increased spasticity throughout, nagging neck pain which radiates down arms, sudden bouts of hand pain, ringing in ears, sinus/facial pain, sneezing, non-productive cough, feels like BP is lower than usual; also, interestingly, ...
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My regimen(s)

Hi all,

Realised I havnt had a single place just to let others know what I am taking, and how it is working for (on) me. You would quite literally have to look in a number of the forums to get the complete picture. I am hedging my bets.

First a quick overview of the past (rough dates).
1996 diagnosed with a peripheral neuropathy (autoimmune)
Used short Prednisone pulses of 75mg/day tapering down over a ...
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starting a wanted

Hello Everyone,
I'm newly registered, but have been following this forum for quite a while now. Although things have been not so great, they have gone to very bad lately, due to a recent move and switch in jobs...rather a disaster in the eyes of my husband (who is the one with MS). We only just got back on line after a month (!) without it, at a time we needed it most.
The situation ...
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Please complete our survey for Cpn protocol users

We've put up a survey to gather data for users of combination antibiotic protocols (e.g. Stratton/Vanderbilt, Wheldon) to treat Chlamydia pneumoniae. We are hoping to gather some useful data for patients and doctors using these protocols.

This community probably has the widest range, in terms of time, of users and would contribute greatly to this data. All results will be held as confidential.

Take a look at:

This ...
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My Adventures in MS

My husband asked me this morning if I was ok because I had sat down to rest. I realized I had to answer that I could not begin to tell him all the things that I could do. There it is again: the vagueness. But to enumerate those things would now take all day. I fixed my trike this week, an accomplishmen in itself- no bike yet and wouldn't try anyway so that is something ...
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Marie's abx log

I am opening this thread to start my antibiotic log.
Today, Sept 2 '05 I was prescribed the first of my abx doxycycline. My doctor tested my 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin d and it is 52. Too high for 1,25.
This is a complex issue because the 1,25 does not reflect necessarily the 25-D status. I do not need any more D so will be cutting back on my d supplementation and getting a dexa to check ...
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Histamine in Australia? prokarin?


Is anyone using histamine (as described in and

Are you using "Prokarin"? or "making your own"?

what would i ask for from the chemist? they seem to have no information or knowledge of Histamine diPhosphate. although i havnt asked a compounding pharmmacy as yet.

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Another new adventure - Natgas's antibiotic log

I've been taking Lipitor since August 4th. It has definitely helped, as my mind is not as clouding as it has been lately. I actually can remember what happened a hour or two ago, that's a plus.

I finally got all the antibiotics together. Couple of them was no problem but the Roithromycin is not FDA approved as of yet in the states. So I went though a friend of a friend in Europe to ...
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Great! All the main pieces are together.

The Roxithromycin, the last of the antibiotics arrived in the post today.

Was going to wait till I had my LP to get a baseline to compare to but it seems like my condition is spiraling downward very quickly. I don't believe I have the luxury to wait for the LP. So I'm going to give the antibiotics a shot tomorrow morning with the intention of arresting the spiral downfall @ least but hopefully much ...
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What is LDN

Hi everyone I am very new to all of this. I hear alot about LDN but have never really heard what it is. I have a box of Avonex in my fridge and after 2 months still haven't tried it. It cost me $615.00, the Drs. just scared me so much into ordering it and once it got here I started to freak out.

It seems like the side effects could be so hard on ...
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