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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Is the paradigm about to change?

Neurologists around the world waking up!
A central role for mitochondrial health. ... al.pdf?f=1 ... ve-ms.aspx

quote: 2. Development of new and existing pre-clinical models for progressive disease based on
community consensus building
a. Identify experimental models of progressive disease targeting putative and novel pathogenic
mechanisms occurring in progressive forms of MS (e.g. mitochondrial dysfunction,...
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HI FRIENDS The queensland research suggest that infection with EBV- virus- the most common cause of glandular fever- may be beneficial in treating progressive M.S
Read more ... ressive-ms I contact prfessor R. Khanna of the QIMR he reply that within a few months the trail will take place

Starting Rebif..and an anti-depressant?

Dear All: I was just diagnosed and my neurologist is starting me on Rebif. I am worried about the side effects, mainly the depression/anxiety. A girl I work with has MS and she is on Gilenya and she said her neuro started her on an anti-depressant (Celexa) right away. Is this common??

I get the 'blues' every once in awhile, but I don't think I'm depressed. My thinking is, should I start so that the ...
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Need supplement help/ suggestions !

Hello from Norway!

Im newly diagnosed ( 1 year) and Im trying to recover from my attack last year.
Iv been reading a lot on this forum and I understand that supplements are essential- so I need some advice on what to take , how much and where I can order it online. I take 5000 vuitamin D daily and I dont take any MS meds.
I had some bloodwork done:

Ferritin 17
B 12 ...
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Bloodwork - Zinc & Magnesium

Just got some blood work done to check my hormone levels and I asked to also include Zinc and Magnesium (based on many posts here). Here are the results; I would love to hear any feedback (I'm looking at you Jimmylegs :-D). BTW, I am a 40 year old male.

Magnesium - 2.0 MG/DL
Zinc - 76 MCG/DL
Hormonal Profile
Testosterone, Bioavailable - 36.62 NG/DL (5.41%) ...
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A GREAT study to look up, really worth it

I've had this study around for a while, then finally picked it up and REALLY read it.

I have a TENS unit, I got it in order to cut down on pain meds and stiffness, spasticity. It's and electrical stimulation unit that was developed years ago to help heal bad bone breaks. Then I started to work, just part time, but when I wasn't working I had to sleep, it was bad, I relapsed and ...
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Beyond Avonex and Valtrex

It’s a long time since I made a contribution to the Regimens post as I believe the only objective way to assess a protocol is to give it time and resist the urge to keep adding modifications to the basic idea. That is what I have been trying to do.
I also believe that it took us a long time to get sick and it does take a long time to get well.
After years ...
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Are we taking DMDs after CCSVI repair?

Sorry, I don't know what to do! I'm new here and I will read everything. My Neurologist doesn't even want to talk about CCSVI, and is pushing Gilenya.
I had my CCSVI repaired in 2011. I feel great and I get a new MRI next week.
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My Regimen (ridiculous?)


My story... lost feeling in my legs xmas 2011, was referred to a Neurologist who said it was probably the flu... no joke... lost feeling in my right hand April 5th 2012 the day my second son was born. Went back to Neuro and he sent me for MRI which showed 9 active lesions on brain and spine. Immediately diagnosed with MS and referred to MS clinic which was a long wait and ...
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Too much sleep....

I sleep away too much. I am in the midst of another relapse. Steroids...blah blah. I know I need sleep I get it but 12 hrs a day split up?? What do people take to stay awake...I've heard adderal and provigl?! I am soo depressed. Sleeping my life away....or up when the family is asleep. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Any suggestions PLEASE!
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