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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Alpha lipoic acid and L-Cartinine

Any of you using this and having any symptom relief Or NOT having any luck with it.
I just started it, I have read it is good for nerve pain. I have also seen a few taking it for fatigue.
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My "regimen"

First let me state that I do not promote anything, sell anything etc. I started this topic to have a place to write everything and maybe get some feedback. :-D

As I said before I got sick last November, prior to this I had no issues that I could relate to MS. No needles and pins, nothing at all.

Last July I got on a diet ...
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Starting progesterone tonight.

In the world of birth control, the are called mini-pills.

This drug is called Jolivette.

I'm starting tonight.

Gotta pee!
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Nourishing Traditions--Sally Fallon/Weston Price

Just curious if anyone else (Jimmylegs??) was into the Nourishing Traditions way of eating. I was a vegetarian/vegan for 10 years and was in remission from all my ills for 7 years. Then I was the sickest I had ever been in my life all of a sudden with new neuro symptoms while I was vegan.

The above occurrence and a sudden unexplained craving for flank steak I could not ignore, made me decide to ...
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What is the differance between Vit.D 2--Vit. D 3 ?

`JIMMYLEGS` Can you tell me what the difference is between those two vitamins? Somewhere ijn this web site I did see that you say that Vit.D 3 is better. Why? I have asked several pharmacists and they have all told me that they are the same. So why sell both than? I trust your judgement better.
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Why the Paleo-Macrobiotic Diet Works

Why the Paleo-Macrobiotic Diet Works

First let’s think about all the reasons you might not want to be bothered by Diet. With a major health problem life is difficult enough without depriving yourself of the pleasure of eating. Food resonates with family, security, comfort, friendship, sharing. If you can’t eat how other’s eat, this becomes another factor of exclusion. Often people offer a treat as an act of generosity in order to give pleasure, how ...
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Soy lecithin dose?

Just wondering if anyone knows what a good dose would be for soy lecithin granules?
I was having it a few years ago as recommended by a naturopath but can't remember how much I took.

If anyone is taking this I'd love to know what amount.
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Ampyra and Gilenya

Hi all

New here. My wife actually has MS.
A little history

She started Beta Seron 18 years ago. Her ankles have always been weak - her only real symptom.
2 years ago she added Ampyra and it really helped her walking.
1 month ago she stopped taking Beta Seron for Gilenya.

No side effects thus far.

She takes multivitimins, Fish oil, calcium, Evening primrose oil, among other vitimins.
She is 40 but was diagnosed ...
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Nitric Oxide NO supplement

I've been on for almost a week. Thought I was getting an energy boost at first, but now I'm not so sure. Became interested when those close to me felt an energy boost when using and read that NO is a vasodilator. Comments please.
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Where to find dose info for supplements.

Hi everyone,

I was a member about 4/5 years ago but have forgotten all my login info but I'm back again.

I'm really interested to find out doses for recommended ms supplements but there is an overwhelming amount of info and research out there that I don't know where to start.

I had the George Jelinek book but lost it in my move. Any advice on where to find appropriate doses for supplements would be ...
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