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Tell us what you are using to treat your MS-- and how you are doing.

Gilenya and diet

So it's been a little over a year since my 1st doozy of an attack and diagnosis.

I've still got some paralysis in my left hand/arm, and emotional disturbances throw me of kilter for an hour or so, but all in all, I feel that I'm doing better.

I've stopped smoking cigarettes since 6 months ago (though a Polish friend brought me a Nicoraguan cigar about a month ago, I couldn't turn that down!), cut ...
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Magnesuim, general supplement question for Jimmylegs

Hi JL!

I know you get asked about supplements I hope you can forgive more questions! :oops:

Can you explain again how you're taking magnesium glycinate, and what brand you're using? I think you had mentioned one from New Roots before. I also remember you saying that you take the citrate form of mag at night, and glycinate during the day with food? And here comes ...
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Word of Advice please

JimmyLegs and anybody else, I need some advice on the supplement regimen.

My Dh's latest blood work shows the following

Ca - 9.8 mg/dL
Vit D3 - 61 ng/mL - dropped from 67 ng/mL in 4 months
Zinc - 0.96 ug/mL
Mg - 2.3 mg/dL

Currently he was on

Vitamin D3 - 5000 iu - 4 times a week in the evening
Ca (1000 mg) + mg (400 mg) + zinc (15 mg) - 3 ...
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Skin breakouts - what do you think ?

Hi All,

My DH has MS and has been taking vitamin supplements etc. after blood tests to determine his level of Zinc, D3, B12, Mg etc. He has been doing good (touch wood), except for the skin problem, after starting copaxone + vitamins and moving on to dairy free + gluten free diet, he has been having acne problem (more so in his forehead). It is not severe, but one or two keeps popping up ...
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My regimen

Here's my routine. Any thoughts?

D3 – 4000 IU
Calcium 600 IU
Magnessium 300 mg
Fish oil 2000 mg
LDN 1.5 mg
A multi vitamin (I hope this link to the label is ok) ... 46#product

Diet wise, lots of fruit and raw veggies, skinless chicken breast, the occasional steak.
I like to chop up brocolli and cauliflower and toss it in the freezer. Then I grind up ...
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Rebif/LMX4 Lidocaine topical anesthetic

I must admit, I'm one of the lucky ones so far. I was diagnosed rather quickly after only 1 clinical episode...of course I've been through multiple MRI's and a spinal tap which were all consistent with someone with MS. Anyhow I delayed starting therapy until after my 2nd MRI. I ended up going on Rebif. It wasn't my first choice because of side effects, but it was the most practical choice because of the co-pay ...
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What about Vitamin B

Do you take B3 and B12 together? Mine has folic acid in it. I think I get headaches from this pill. Would it be the folic acid that does that? How much do you take? Thanks
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My ms regimen, thoughts?

Hello all, this is my first post, I'm a 30yr old male, I live in new zealand and I got diagnosed with ms exactly a year ago, it was terrifying in the beginning, but I have learnt so much about myself and my illness in the process, and now I just try to do the best I can with what I have.
I was going to go onto copaxone in the beginning but could not ...
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Baclofen, DHC and Amytrip, Vit D and calcium - new regimen

4 weeks ago GP put me on high dose Vit D, calcium, amytrip and diazepam for the EDS and possible MS. Seemed ok, had a couple of patches of 10 day blocks where I felt pretty ok. On top of those meds I take Betaloc for the tachy and codeine for the joint pain.
Still waiting on first Neuro appt (26th April) however over the weekend symptoms deteriorated so badly that things got pretty desperate. ...
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Newbie here with my diet regimen

On Lectin free-no grains, legumes, potatoes, tomatoes and dairy. Lots of fish, venison, veggies, fruit tree nuts and berries, Vit D3 sups and sun when I can get it. Basically Paleo diet. I eat some rice and sweet potatoes for starch fix. Also sugar free. I have been in total remission for 2 years now, no new lesions and feel normal again. Also cognitive issues gone. I know this disease can turn on a dime ...
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