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Starting Chemo for MS in 9 Days. Am I nutz?

Chris here, was wondering if anyone could help. I am scheduled to start cyclophosphomide therapy in 9 days. Its a major infusion, four hours, every 28 days. How do I know Im doing right with neoro told me the hicy is not something they do there and could not refer to anyone accept John Hopkins. I am dds 6.5, I beileve he said this is not what they look for typically? I have read ...
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HiCy and Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

Anybody know if HiCy treatment wipes out your Mesenchymal stem cells?

Seems it would be nice to be able to follow HiCy with Mesenchymal stem cell therapy using your own cells (maybe in Israel).

If HiCy wipes out the Mesenchymal stem cells, maybe it would be a good idea to stockpile some Mesenchymal stem cells before HiCy treatment.

I should add: I am not a Doctor (you probably guessed that). I just Google and read. ...
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HiCy Success Stories

I am having trouble tracking down the long term success stories of HiCy.
Most of the HiCy participant blogs only go for a year and then stop.

Maybe people would like to use this thread to share any HiCy success stories they know about?

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Tysabri and Revimmune?

Anyone have any insight on using Tysabri to bridge the gap until being able to get Revimmune treatment? Know of any problems going from Tysabri to Revimmune?

I think I read that prior chemotherapy was a PML risk for Tysabri. Any ideas on whether that means that taking a chance on Revimmune closes the door to Tysabri in the future?

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Does a person have to re-take their childhood immunizations after the Revimmune protocol?
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Accentia biopharmaceuticals announces strategic agreement

Accentia biopharmaceuticals announces strategic agreement with Baxter


Accentia Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced a strategic agreement with Baxter Healthcare Corporation to provide Accentia with the exclusive, worldwide right to purchase Baxter's cyclophosphamide, which is marketed under the brand name Cytoxan(R), for the treatment of designated autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis.

Cyclophosphamide is the active drug used in Revimmune(TM) therapy, Accentia's proprietary system-of-care being developed for the treatment of a broad range of autoimmune diseases.... Read ...
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What tests prior?

Hi everyone!
It looks as if I am accepted by Rush, for a mid january start.

I have 2 questions actually.

First is what insurance covers without a fight? We are in open enrollment right now.

And, what tests are done prior to starting? I want to know what may potentially kick me out. I'm jsu about to turn 54 (next week!) and I have some minor health issues that I hope aren't too big ...
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starting this week, few questions...

Hi everyone,

I am starting therapy in the coming weeks and had a few simple questions about the therapy. I understand that my 'infusions' will take place over a 7-8 day period during which I will be an inpatient at the hospital... how is the drug administered? Obviously intervenously, but central line pick or large arm vein? Also, in the late 80's patients where catheterized to ensure that their bladders were completed void of urine ...
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Any new information about Revimmune trial?

I just had a look at the Accentia website where the Revimmune trial status is still "pending". Is there any new information about any advance or direction this is will be going?

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