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white count 110 and dropping...

I was 210 yesterday (Saturday) and 110 today. Yest's neuts were 168. Didn't stay long enough for today's results (I'll get them tomorrow). Today was a "wasted" trip to IPOP in my opinion and the nurse's, too.

Tomorrow I start the growth factor. I'm nervous b/c apparently now they are using a shot - I don't like shots!!! Last time they just used my hickman line....isn't that the point of having this thing hang out ...
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Ginger eases chemotherapy nausea

This might give some help for HDC patience...

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IPOP/HIPOP Post-chemo update

So, just an update.

I went to IPOP on Monday and Tuesday. My counts were still good (white counts and neuts in the 5000 range). Had off on Wednesday. Went in today (Thursday) and my counts are in the 2200 range. Everything else looks good. They removed the two little stitches.

I'm off from IPOP tomorrow (Friday)....and if on Saturday my counts are good (meaning I don't need any transfusions or anything), I will again ...
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Days 3 & 4 - chemo done!

hi everyone,

Well, I've survived days 3 and 4 of the chemo with no major problems!

Yesterday they ran an iron transfusion and I seemed to have slight side effects from it (chest pain), but nothing too major. They ran a few tests and I was fine.

Today was my final dose. They ran it earlier in the day (at noon) so that I can leave the hospital this evening at 8pm.

This round went ...
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More therapies for MS disease

There is a study out looking for people that have MS disease. It is called HALT-MS. It uses cancer drugs and stem cells. It is in three locations in the USA. If you google HALT-MS you should be able to find information about this study.
It is also in Medical News Today under the MS section.
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Day 2

Well, I'm a little behind in updating!

After my first dose of chemo....that night I awoke at 2am feeling a little bit nauseous. Not a lot - but some. They gave me something for it and back to sleep I went.

I slept most of day 2. Nothing really to report. At 5pm they ran my second dose.

Oh, a little earlier in the day, I managed to get the nurse to unhook me from ...
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Depression from Copaxone

I used Copaxone about 5 ago with no significant problems. I started again on Monday and I've been kind of depressed and have a more difficult time with cognition. Has anyone else had similar problems?
Thanks, Ron
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Day 1

Well, Day 1 is winding down nicely.

Started this morning by having the Hickman line placed....and then I was brought directly to my room. They started hydration shortly thereafter. Had to have a repeat sinus CT as the one I had 2 weeks ago was NOT they did another.

First dose of chemo came a lot earlier than anticipated: 5pm! (last time it was close to 10pm!)

Went in without a hitch and it's ...
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Copaxone free

I just got the OK to quit it if I want to. They told me they wanted a year on the Copaxone.

I asked if I could quit and he said, "If you like it and want to keep using it go for it, if you don't like it you can quit, if your in the middle it may be a tough choice for you."

I love how he let me decide. My choice. I ...
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Heres something interesting for you

I just got an email via someone through my site who is going to JH for HiCy. They told me they talked with Carrie and in Sept they are going to start trying something different.

1. HiCy and then Tysabri
2. HiCy and then Copaxone
3. 3 different dose amounts based on a blood test they have developed.

I am trying to find out what the blood test is because that has me fascinated!

So ...
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