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Newbie Question

I just discovered this site today!! I was dx with RRMS 7/05, based on my workup we believe I had symptoms as early as 1996. I started Rebif 44mcg 3xs/wk and stayed on that therapy until I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (bone cancer) 11/20/06. I had 1 exacerbation (4/06) between my MS dx and my cancer dx. Nystagmus - solumedrol resolved it.

I took a TON of chemo from 12/06 - 9/14/07. Adriamycin, ...
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Finally the cat is out of the bag

I have realized it is now OK for me to tell more.

I went back to Johns Hopkins for an investor meeting with Baxtor Pharm. in June to promote the Revimmune treatment. These guys from what I could tell were all on board and then the stock market tanked in Sept.

So, if we want to get the money from Baxtor to make Revimmune the norm this is where to go:

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Hi Everyone,

Well, it's a go. I'm on schedule to re-dose at the end of April. Still not 1000% positive of this choice - mainly b/c pulling it all together seems like much more of a hurdle this time. I may have to hire "help" to be with me. :(

I had a MRI on Friday. It did not show any enhancing lesions and the previous one ...
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Ok...I picked my hotel....

It's this one:

Gah...this trip is costing me an arm and a leg. How did you guys afford it???

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so, I'm talking with Drs. Brodsky, Kerr, and Hammond....

I am seriously thinking that I will re-dose.... just need to decide when and how soon, I guess...

Very upset by all of this.... but as I sit here with an IV in my arm....I'm pretty darn miserable all around.

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*FINALLY!!* - I have my new appointment dates.

I see Dr. Kerr on July 29th and Dr. Brodsky on August 4th.

I picked summer dates because I will be in school until the end of May.

Thanks, Chris (and everybody else) for encouraging me to be persistent!!

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What phase of testing is revimmue in?

If I read correctly revimmune is still being tested and they are doing randomized testing? Anyone know what phase they are in and when and if this will be available to everyone?

I find it crazy that we can get tysabri and soon campeth and some other IV drug which in my opinion seem to be far more dangerous yet revimmune is not offered to us in the same way. Can anyone explain to me ...
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Another exacerbation

Hi everyone,

Well, I hate having to report this, but it appears I am in another exacerbation. This is my second once since treatment in July. As you know, the first was in December and according to the MRI there was activity.

I saw my local neurologist on Friday...and according to the exam and symptoms present, it definitely appears to be a new exacerbation and not just continued from December.

I have weakness/numbness on the ...
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Vitamin D levels

So, when I was at JH a few weeks ago, they tested my Vitamin D.

I just received the results.... a 6. Normal is 20-100! So they put me on vitamin D.

wonder if anyone else was tested....

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MRI results

February MRI report in excerpts-

"Since the prior study in Nov the perivetricular plaques show mild improvement. The plaque above the posterior aspect of the left ventricular body has nearly healed. The small plaque on the left side of the splenum is slightly smaller. No enhancing plaques. The enhancing plaque previously see no longer enhances and has appeared to heal.


Improved mild cerebral and posterior fossa demyliation.

Back to me---not to bad eh?? The ...
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