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A board to discuss the anticipated multiple sclerosis treatment Rituxan.

My son is in a study using Rituximab for Type1 Diabetes...

I'm new on these forums, having just received a probable dx of MS (still need MRI) this week. I don't know much about Rituximab as a treatment for MS, but my 15yo son has been in a TrialNet study for the past two years in which they have studied it with new Type 1 diabetes patients. The results have been very, very promising!
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Intravenous Steroids CAUSING bladder problems?

Seems as though every time I get infused with methylprednisone (recently had 3 day course), or when I was getting cytoxan + methylprednisone, a day or two after the infusions I experience absolutely horrible bladder problems, to the point of straight up incontinence (or having to use bathroom every 5-10 minutes). Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Haven't had any luck researching it online. Thanks.
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I was going through the clinical trials list and saw that Ocrelizumab is, or is still recruiting for phase 2. I'm wondering if this is really just Rituxan with a more complicated name or is this a way to get around the financial loss of a soon to expire patent on Rituxan? They must have tweaked it more than just the name.
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Rituxan patients

Are there any others out there with RRMS that have taken Rituxan? or is it just me? curious as to what others experiences have been.

Thanks in advance :)
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new info? or not

I didn't see this posted so.... here it is. Question, how does Rituximab differ from the other monoclonal antibodies such as Campath and Tysabri?
Thanks Lars

Breaking News from Dr. Vollmer

In the development of new therapies for multiple sclerosis, there are occasions in which the results of a study surprise investigators and challenge their long-held beliefs about MS. A recent example is the evolving story concerning the development of a drug called rituximab ...
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Rituxan Found Effective in Subset of PPMS Patients

Here's an abstract from a study that will be presented at the upcoming American Academy of Neurology meetings in April.

In simple terms, it found that Rituxan appeared to impede the progression of PPMS in male patients under the age of 51 who had enhancing lesions.

Unfortunately, I am a male patient with PPMS under the age of 51 who does not have enhancing lesions, and Rituxan has done nothing for me.

At any rate, ...
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My (unsettling) experience with Rituxan

I hope this can help others decide whether or not to try Rituxan. Perhaps I did not make the right choice.

Three weeks ago, I had my first infusion of Rituxan; I decided to discontinue the treatment. This is what happened:

I had no reaction for the first 72 hours or so (I had the drug on a Thurs.). I awakened Sunday morning with nausea, and severe dizziness (worse than my usual vertigo). My right ...
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Increased repair?

For both RevImmune and Campath, you read about the surprising / unexpected decreases in EDSS. Has anything similar been noted for Rituxan?

I checked what I think are the Phase II results, and they present the starting EDSS but not what it was at the end.
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post Rituxan blood work results

got my blood test results back today, and Rituxan has done what it was supposed to do, my B cell counts have indeed plummeted.

Now let's see if this has any beneficial effect on my MS. Sure hope so...
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Two weeks post Rituxan

Thanks for getting this board up and running. For me, at least, it's a very welcome addition...

Had my second Rituxan infusion on September 19, and went for a follow-up blood work today.

For those of use who don't know me, I was diagnosed PPMS in May of 2003. At that time I symptoms were primarily slight weakness in my right leg. Now, five and half years later, my right arm and leg are profoundly ...
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