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A board to discuss the anticipated multiple sclerosis treatment Rituxan.

Copaxone or Rituxan

I have RR MS and have been using Copaxone for the last 3 years but my last MRI showed two new lesions on my spine. My Doctor has recommended Rituxan. After reading this forum and other information,
I am a little nervous. Has anyone else with RR used Rituxan and what was your experience? I have an appointment tomorrow morning and need to tell my Doctor what my decision? Then I can go forward with ...
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Third PML case reported with Rituximab


A case of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) has been reported in a rheumatoid arthritis patient taking rituximab (Rituxan) who had not previously received anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy, according to the FDA and the drug’s manufacturer.

The case is the third seen with rituximab in rheumatoid arthritis, according to a “Dear Healthcare Professional” letter issued by Genentech. The previous two were seen in patients who had received anti-TNF drugs earlier.

PML causes inflammation in the ...
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Rituximab add-on therapy for breakthrough relapsing MS

Rituximab add-on therapy for breakthrough relapsing MS: a 52-week phase II trial



B cells and the humoral immune system have been implicated in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (MS). This study sought to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of add-on therapy with rituximab, a monoclonal antibody that depletes circulating B cells, in subjects with relapsing MS with breakthrough disease defined by clinical and MRI activity (Class III evidence).

METHODS: Thirty subjects with ...
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no relapse

We're into the second week of June. I hope that I'm safe now to post the news that this has been the first in ten years with no spring relapse (my relapses have always been seasonal). I had a Rituximab infusion in October and I've been taking high dose D3 all winter..
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Rituximab may be an effective treatment for SPMS

Targeting B cells implicated in progressive multiple sclerosis with rituximab (Rituxan) therapy might help patients diagnosed with the disease, according to data from a small study reported here.......... ... ageid/1394
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This section is very quiet..

Does no one take this medication?

I had an infusion in November and, according to the studies that I am familiar with, I have an 80% chance of avoiding a relapse next year.

That and vitamin D may help enourmously for the foreseeable future.

But no one seems to interested, why is this?

I suppose no one will read this post anyway..
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first infusion yesterday

Had my first infusion of Rituxan yesterday at UCSF. Had a slight infusion reaction about two hours in that resulted in nothing more than a very itchy throat. They cut the flow, added more Benadryl, and we started again about 20 minutes later. Because of this hiccup whole infusion lasted about 7 hours.

After several denials my insurance (Blue Shield of California) agreed to pay for it thanks to a letter from my neurologist, Dr. ...
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first infusion

I had my first infusion yesterday at the Royal London hospital. I experienced no side effects whatsoever. It took nearly five hours to complete the infusion (600ml commencing with 30ml/hour, increasing by an extra 30 ml/hour every thirty minutes, the titration was slowed for a while due to lowish blood pressure)...
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My son is in a study using Rituximab for Type1 Diabetes...

I'm new on these forums, having just received a probable dx of MS (still need MRI) this week. I don't know much about Rituximab as a treatment for MS, but my 15yo son has been in a TrialNet study for the past two years in which they have studied it with new Type 1 diabetes patients. The results have been very, very promising!
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Intravenous Steroids CAUSING bladder problems?

Seems as though every time I get infused with methylprednisone (recently had 3 day course), or when I was getting cytoxan + methylprednisone, a day or two after the infusions I experience absolutely horrible bladder problems, to the point of straight up incontinence (or having to use bathroom every 5-10 minutes). Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Haven't had any luck researching it online. Thanks.
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