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General thread

I haven't been able the 'General' thread for about a week. I wondered whether others were also having difficulty.
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powerful words but untrue

To All

These are exact words used to advertise this forum, why should this statement be declared, to gain new vulnerable and possibly very young and most importantly impressionable people to a forum which has only one directive.

In UK a 14 year old with a user name of UAE4EVA posted on another forum, she has been diagnosed with ms, which surely must be frightening, thrust into a world of uncertainty for a young girl ...
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PM link at top of page is missing

Arron and moderators,

Every now and again, like this evening, I cannot access my PMs because the link is missing. I'm wondering if this problem has happened to others or if I am the only one to report this problem?


Edit to fix typo.
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Can't google thisisms

This is really bizarre - as of this morning, Google doesn't find this website, however Yahoo works fine.
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Commercial content

Dear moderators,

I write this is not to stir up truble or controversy. But there is a phenomenon I observe on TIMS that to my mind is, at best, inappropriate. Specifically, MDs using TIMS as a platform to promote their p.o.v and interventions (which are scientifically unproven), and to make claims that are not peer reviewed but only based on anecdotal evidence.

MS is a tricky disease. It is impossible to take any observation at ...
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please delete

please delete the '_______' post under CCSVI - it's a link to a porno site.
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commercial content

Dear Moderators, please could you remove the commercial content from 'Stem Cells / 'off topic(heart failure)'? Thanx, Asher
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Forums question

Are you combining threads or maybe just individual posts into single, general topic threads?
P.S. Check out the Natural Approach Forum for the most examples.
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Director of tims site


can anyone tell me who is the Director or founder of this site please, and praps how to contact them, thanx

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anyone else having their TIMS account hacked ?

..... just spent my valuable time registering my TIMS account as someone has been trying to post under my name ........

wow ....... I didn't think I was that important 8)

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