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Images not already on web?

Is there a way to post an image into a forum reply, without it already being somewhere on the net?
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putting HTML in posts doesn't always work

I have two links I tried to put in a post today and they don't work the post if titled:

Third Point: So what about this Antioxidant thing?

and it is in the Vitamin C forum: ... 4459#14459

I know the addresses are right because the do cut and paste to explorer just fine. can this be fixed? do I need to write the link differently? Thanks for ...
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I'm confused. My profile is set to always allow html yet when I go to make a post, it indicates that html is off. Is there a way to enable html? It would be great to use it to create <sup>superscript</sup> and <sub>subscript</sub> characters (assuming the preceeding formatting would work correctly within the forum).

Thanks, NHE
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language and home page


I switched my langage (to dutch) and the home page lost all its stories.

No problem for me, as english is my first language.

Just on the odd chance you didnt know that foriegn languages lose out on a lot of info.
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two questions

1. Do long URLs always have to create a situation where horizontal scrolling is required from then on in the thread? Do links only work if they don't wrap?

2. I would like to have "newest first" set on all threads? Can I do that or do they each have to be set separately? I didn't find it in profile settings.
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change user name?


I wish to change my user name.

In the edit profile page, it is an editable field, but it seems to ignore anything i type.

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Private Messages

Hey Arron?

Lately, I've noticed that I've been getting a few emails notifying me that I have "private messages" waiting for me here, but when I check, there aren't any.


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Question about PMs

There are no dumb questions, right?

What is the Outbox? I am hitting Send, then the message ends up in the Outbox.
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Forum Icons........or whatever

The icons.......or whatever you'd like to call them, that indicate " new forum posts" are no longer coming through orange. They're just showing up like any other, already read ones. I have to go through the forums and look for posting dates to decide if I've read them.

Is this just me & my computer or what.


P.S. this just happened in the last couple of days!!
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Moving around of topics

hmmmmmmmm...........I see the Biogen Idec thread was "moved".........

Why? Its focus is information about the company, not Antegren itself.


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