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change user name?


I wish to change my user name.

In the edit profile page, it is an editable field, but it seems to ignore anything i type.

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Private Messages

Hey Arron?

Lately, I've noticed that I've been getting a few emails notifying me that I have "private messages" waiting for me here, but when I check, there aren't any.


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Question about PMs

There are no dumb questions, right?

What is the Outbox? I am hitting Send, then the message ends up in the Outbox.
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Forum Icons........or whatever

The icons.......or whatever you'd like to call them, that indicate " new forum posts" are no longer coming through orange. They're just showing up like any other, already read ones. I have to go through the forums and look for posting dates to decide if I've read them.

Is this just me & my computer or what.


P.S. this just happened in the last couple of days!!
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Moving around of topics

hmmmmmmmm...........I see the Biogen Idec thread was "moved".........

Why? Its focus is information about the company, not Antegren itself.


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Forum Usage Tip

If you are new to this kind of forum , here is a tip that can help you keep up with posts..

When you come to the forum at:

you will be on the start page, on the left you will see a list of all the sections of the website, If you click on the word "Forums", this will take you to the discussion area..

on the top right you will see this: ...
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Using colors in post-how to do??

Whenever I post, I always select a color, but it never shows up!

I know I'm either doing something wrong, or NOT doing it at all,lol..
ALL help will be greatly appreciated, as I seem to be a bit dense,lol....

Take care and be well! Btw, I didn't select ANY color for this post,lol.
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I realize this isn't a support's better!

This site has reached a milestone. 1000 registered users! as of today, Oct. 5.

Just wish more of them were "regulars", seems there is maybe 20 of us who do 95% of the forum posts.

Many thanks to all the regulars who help us all!

Registered users who don't participate much.........would like to hear from you more, your input is also important. Every user here can learn ...
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This might be one of those DUH! type questions but here goes...........I've done many many posts in the forums and belonged here for awhile now, but never have included links within my posts.

How do I do this? Just like including links to sites in E-Mails?

I didn't even try because I didn't want to create some screwed up post here on the site.

I'd appreciate the instruction..................... or just tell me I'm a DUH! ...
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I dont think I am using the Search facility correctly. I tried searching for JELINEK with all the various combinations of options checked and didnt find a thing. A google site specific search with JELINEK produced the forum posting I remembered but couldnt find.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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