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Forums question

Are you combining threads or maybe just individual posts into single, general topic threads?
P.S. Check out the Natural Approach Forum for the most examples.
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Director of tims site


can anyone tell me who is the Director or founder of this site please, and praps how to contact them, thanx

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anyone else having their TIMS account hacked ?

..... just spent my valuable time registering my TIMS account as someone has been trying to post under my name ........

wow ....... I didn't think I was that important 8)

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In the 'stem cells' forum there is a newbie called 123123. This is advertising and has nothing to do with MS. Thx, Asher
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vitamin threads

If threads with the word vitamin in the title are now going to be moved to the Natural Approach Forum, can it be renamed Natural Approach & Vitamins Forum? :smile: Until recently most of them stayed in the forums where they originated (like General) since the topic of vitamins pops up in most every other topic anyway.
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why?????????????this does not make Sense!!!!!!!!

why would a thread that got 107,779 views and nearly 1600 posts here be moved??


many of us here feel this is a part of all this ccsvi ms mystery.and to boot there are some because it was put on this site that actually benefited. the study that the chiro.'s just did with the upright mri-look at what they are finding and it was posted here.

dr. flanagan's knowledge ...
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questions re deletion of abusive posts

This is cool. If I don't log in, I can see stuff I would rather ignore, so I just log in!

Abuse between extremes of positive and negative opinion will be deleted on this thread.

Lenny Bruce might have something to say if he weren't dead. Anyway, you don't have to delete if it's legal. Just have it marked with a flag that makes it optional, like posts from "enemies". I'd opt out of most ...
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Reported attack site?

Hi all.

After searching using's frontpage, I got a result from Clicking on it resulted in this:


I am pasting the search result link to make things easier:


and here is the direct google's link: ... 7A&cad=rja

I attempted to continue to the website "at my own risk". My browser alarmed me that this is a reported "Attack ...
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Trouble understanding new search options

I'm trying to search for "four minutes," but I can't figure out how--heavy cogfog day. Would greatly appreciate help, thanx in advance! :)
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