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PM - is it working

I keep trying to respond to a private message I got the other day and it just reamins in the Outbox.

Is there a problem with the PM system?
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too many tickets


I seem to have a multitude of brown tickets re unread subjects and they seem to stay, I'm getting all confused

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Losing posts because of log-in

Sorry if I'm a bit frustrated, but I just put a lot of time into writing a post and I lost the whole thing when I hit the post button, and was sent to the log-in page. When I hit 'return to the previous page' it showed me the blank writing field, and nothing had been posted. One of two things would be great for avoiding this in the future: Either make the post carry ...
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Advertising on Stem Cells

In Stem Cells, 18 month post-HSCT and still going strong, someone has posted advertising. Could this be removed? Thanks, Asher (elder)
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More locks

It seems like some pretty tame threads are getting locked. Like ? Am I missing something?
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Posting error

I have got the following error message (or something very similar) quite often of late. It happens when I finally click the "submit" button on a post (not a PM or eMail). As far as I can remember the 4-5 times its happened, the post is actually there in the thread.
Code: Select all
Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 233
File : emailer.php
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new announcements

Why is this and all the new announcements only in the CCSVI forum? I don't understand the need for your new announcements. They're not in the other forums, and take up a lot of space, especially w/all the stickies.
Just wondering why...thanks,
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Editing issues

I've tried 5 times to edit one word in my post in this thread:

None of the edits stayed after I submitted them, but when I added sentences of explanation at the bottom they DID show up. The messed up word that I corrected 5 times now still remains - "uni0n" instead Union.
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Why certain threads are locked here????

I just read scorpions' thread and I just had to realize that it is locked. Why is it that all the threads that aim to have a proper discussion on CCSVI are quickly locked???? Why are only those threads locked which raise some question about the efficacy or risk profile of CCSVI operations???? Who has a vested interest in doing so????

This just makes CCSVI operations more and more dubious to me.
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Missing post 2

Nice trick, having your say and locking the thread. Maybe I'll become a moderator so that I can abuse the system.

NHE wrote:Cute. Your claim was that HappyPoet knew of Malden's account closure before it happened. Now you've changed the subject.
With your statement comes the responsibility to point out to all of us exactly what you are referring to because I've looked and don't see it.
Please point out where I said or even strongly ...
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