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Problem Posting Pictures

I just had new MRIs taken and finally got a CD where I could copy & save individual ones to post here. Trouble is, the picture-hosting site suggested in the Intro forum, Photobucket, had a major crash several days ago. They still don't know when they'll get it fixed. I already had an account on PB before then with a photo that I had hoped to use as an avatar, but I still have it ...
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Journal question...

Y is it that when I update my journal, I never see my name in the active journal list and to date no one has commented?
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TIMS policy (moved from CCSVI)

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Cannot log out of my account?

Any ideas how I can change that?
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Yesterday when I attempted to go to thisisms a white screen appeared on my computer and in the upper left hand corner there was a message saying"this site hacked by.....". Sorry can not remember the name. I thought that the site was down for awhile but apparently so far I am the only one who saw this message. It also appears that some of our posts on some of the threads are disappearing. NHE I ...
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Information on US Medical Insurance.

I am currently working on building a case that the Canadian Provinces - specifically mine - are contravening the Health Act that we have in Canada. The Provinces are responsible for administering the Act which basically states that all Canadians must be given proper treatment for their health issues. My contention being that CCSVI is a recognized condition, the testing for the condition is by way of equipment in daily use in our hospitals, and ...
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sent private messages appear in outbox nt sentbox,is it sent

I send Dr S a private message but didnt get reply so checked my sent box and its not there,

so i sent another private message a few days later and again it is not in the sentbox,

however both the messages are in the outbox with the posted time.

Both times i sent the private message it opened the screen saying the message was sent successfully

So why is the message not shown in ...
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moderation discussion

EJC wrote:Why are (quite valid) replies being removed from this thread?

Is there some internal politics going on on this forum?

I think we'd all like the answer to that ... because some of them, to your point, are quite valid. It's getting to be obnoxious.
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Censorship - thread deleted!

I knew it would be, lesson learned don't ever disagree with a mod!
It's really baloney when a mod deletes posts, especially when they are not doing a good job really moderating posts that should be deleted!
Thanks Jimmy!
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Censorship on this forum????

This thread will probably be deleted, but what is going on with censorship on this forum?

I posted a few replies to Concerned's thread about ethical treatment, where I basically told him he should concentrate more on finding a treatment acceptable to him for his mother instead of spending his time blasting CCSVI. I wrote nothing abusive or crazy.

I went to check replies today and all my posts disappeared! One person even posted concerned ...
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