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private messages help

What is the difference between sentbox and outbox?
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Very strange behaviour - often can not log in

Just changed my password, because the site would not let me in with an old one.

Now, I tried to reset it to something that I would be able to remember and I get this
The current password you supplied does not match that stored in the database
. It is the password that I received in the e-mail.

Also, on the top it says that I am indeed logged-in as ndwannabe, but I can not ...
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Thank you all,
Now if all questions were answered so clear and concisely, life would be a better place!
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could someone please tell me in regards to private messages, if messages in your outbox have been sent or not? What is the difference between Outbox and Sent messages? Thanks
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Access from iphone

I would love to be able to view TIMS from my iphone but haven't been able to. What are the plans or are there any?
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Sent PMs - how long to show up?

I have noticed that when I send a PM it doesn't show in my sent folder for some time. Sometimes I wonder if I actually sent the message correctly, but I hate to resend it. I sent one about 4 hours ago, but see no sign of it in my sent folder. Is there a 'hold time' before a PM actually gets sent?
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phpBB error

phpBB : Critical Error

Error updating session key


SQL Error : 1146 Table 'thisisms_nuke.nuke_bbsessions_keys' doesn't exist

INSERT INTO nuke_bbsessions_keys(key_id, user_id, last_ip, last_login) VALUES (............)

Line : 229
File : sessions.php
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attach a doc


I have an interesting document I want to share and to attach as a CCSVI thread, but am not sure how to do it. Its saved on the hard drive of my computer.

Please help.

A not so computer literate Ngocky


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Editing posts

How do you put in the reason for editing a post?

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How to delete my account on this board?

Some sites are open about how to do this. This site is cryptic. Any suggestions?

There should just be a link in a prominent place.
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