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Discuss stem cells, adult and embryonic, and their therapeutic potential for MS here.

ependymal stem cells

I've never heard of this type of stem cell, but they sound promising.

Stem cells used to reverse paralysis in animals

January 28, 2009 - A new study has found that transplantation of stem cells from the lining of the spinal cord, called ependymal stem cells, reverses paralysis associated with spinal cord injuries in laboratory tests. The findings show that the population of these cells after spinal cord injury was many times greater than comparable ...
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Chinese stem cells; videos

I had been wishing there were some documentation of people who'd done the overseas stem cell treatments. FWIW, this site has a few MSers whose experience is documented in video. ... -ms.-glenn

I notice that the main treatment appears to be cord blood and nerve growth factors. It seems the bulk of other research on stem cells for brain issues has shown that mesenchymal stem cells are needed, ...
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Clinical Trial of Embryonic Neural Stem Cells .... regenerate myelin!

The first clinical trial of a therapy based on human embryonic stem cells has received the green light from the FDA, marking a scientific and political milestone for embryonic stem (ES) cell research. The biotech company, Geron Corporation, received approval today for a study that would inject neural stem cells into patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. The study will be mainly a test for safety, but functional improvements, which have been ...
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Fetal stem cell/Medra?

Has anyone heard anything about Medra? Apparently they are doing fetal stem cell therapy somewhere in the Caribbean. Yea, I know, sounds hokey.
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Off the shelf stems........

This company whose website is here

is creating an off the shelf mesenchymal stem cell product. The website is interesting and they have stage II/III trials going in Crohn's and graft vs host diseases with fast track status granted already.

Apparently they screen donors carefully and then harvest and grow the stem cells from these healthy people in the lab for donation to others.

from the website
Osiris ...
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Prof Scolding stem cell trial

Not much in this article, but thought it worth posting.

Introducing stem cell based Myelin repair therapies in patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Professor Neil J. Scolding, FRCP PhD, University of Bristol Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, U.K., provided a report of his studies of bone-marrow derived cells for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

About 30 years ago, investigators began to think that cell therapies might be useful to treat loss of myelin caused by multiple ...
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Stem Cells in MS review

This medscape article authored by Karoussis and Kassis found here
details the potential use of stem cells for MS. It discusses the different types of cells, studies that have been done, and the results. This paper is a REVIEW (IMHO the cadillac of papers- means somone looked extensively at a variety of other people's work on something) of cumulative research to date on the subject.

A logical treatment ...
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Not MS: Transplant of windpipe grown from stem cells

I saw this on the standard daily TV news today.
To recap; the operation, on 30-year-old tuberculosis patient Claudia Castillo, took place in Barcelona, where doctors also had collected a three-inch segment of trachea from a 51-year-old donor who had died of a cerebral hemorrhage. They used a technique developed in Padua to strip the windpipe of its donor's original cells, a procedure that took six weeks, to create a "scaffold". At the same time, ...
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Stem cells for MS

Here is the abstract from pubmed on the Karussis stem cell work (NOTE there is no chemo in this treatment it is JUST stem cells):

Immunomodulation and neuroprotection with mesenchymal bone marrow stem cells (MSCs): a proposed treatment for multiple sclerosis and other neuroimmunological/neurodegenerative diseases.Karussis D, Kassis I, Kurkalli BG, Slavin S.
Department of Neurology and Laboratory of Neuroimmunology and the Agnes-Ginges Center for Neurogenetics, Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital, Ein-Karem, Jerusalem, IL-91120, Israel. ...
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