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Discuss stem cells, adult and embryonic, and their therapeutic potential for MS here.

Article on adult stem cells

The following article says that there is no need for embryonic stem cell research as adult stem cells are safer and can do the job.

There was a TV programme broadcast in the UK this week about ALS and treatment in China using foetal stem cells. Some UK neurologists visited the clinic but were not convinced by some of the claims being made e.g people walking again etc. ...
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Bone marrow stem cells

Summary paper on bone marrow stem cells

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Neural stem cells

Summary of presentation on neural stem cells.

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Some caution on the timescale for stem cell therapies

As usual with MS any good news (last week's news about stem cells turning into myelin) has to be balanced with some not so good news. Stem cell therapies are some way off. ... sage/21106

But there is plenty of research going on outside the States, including research on using ones own stem cells (which I assume should be safer and have less ethical problems). So hopefully things ...
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MultiCell Technologies

Attached is the investor presentation given by MultiCell Technoloiges. MS is one of the diseases which the company is focusing on. Not too much information but at least another company involved in MS therapies.

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Australian research

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More umbilical cord stem cell advances

Lots of progress on stem cells these days.

Researchers make 'embryonic-like' stem cells from umbilical cord blood

August 18, 2005 - Eurekalert - A breakthrough in human stem cell research, producing embryonic-like cells from umbilical cord blood may substantially speed up the development of treatments for life-threatening illnesses, injuries and disabilities. The discovery made during a project undertaken with experts from the University of Texas Medical Branch and the Synthecon Corporation in the United States ...
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Neural stem cells

Dear all,

Another advance in nerve stem cells. This is one area where advances are being reported almost every week. Somewhere along the line this must benefit us.

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Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

A company called Advanced Cell Therapeutics is now offering stem cell transplants using umbilical cord stem cells...It looks so promising that I'm booking myself in there as soon as possible! It is unfortunately quite expensive (about 18,000 euros). Their website is

Alex 8)
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Dr. Freedman

Hubby and I actually went to this and it was interesting to say the least and we even had a women there from our area in the actual study. She is doing great and has noticeable as he said(Dr. Freedman tried to get her up but she did not)improvement. Keep in mind there has been the one death to date or as far as I know I think he was the 41 year old. Have ...
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