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Neural stem cells

Biomed firm commercialises stem-cell sales

A U.S. biomedical company said Thursday it reached an agreement to commercialise the distribution of neural stem cells by the billions.
'We`re going to be able to distribute a cell that has the ability to produce all the different cell types in the nervous system,' Aruna Biomedical Inc. Chief Executive Steven Stice told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Stice developed neural progenitor cell technology at the University of Georgia, where he ...
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Bone Marrow Stem Cells

Stem Cells Cultured From Human Bone Marrow Behave Like Those Derived From Brain Tissue

Stem cells taken from adult human bone marrow have been manipulated by scientists at the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to generate aggregates of cells called spheres that are similar to those derived from neural stem cells of the brain.
In addition, the bone marrow-derived stem cells, which could be differentiated into neurons and other cells making ...
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Neural stem cells help brain self-repair

This is encouraging.

Neural stem cells lend the brain a surprising capacity for self-repair

The brain contains stem cells with a surprising capacity for repair, researchers report in recent issue of the journal Cell. The novel insight into the brain’s natural ability to heal might ultimately have clinical implications for the treatment of brain damage, according to the researchers.

The researchers found that mice whose brains were severely damaged by loss of the genes “Numb” ...
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Stem cells, cancer and epigenetics

Interesting research...

New study supports a stem cell origin of cancer

Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) recently made significant strides toward settling a decades-old debate centering on the role played by stem cells in cancer development.

According to the study's findings, which appear in an upcoming issue of Nature Genetics and now available online, genes that are reversibly repressed in embryonic stem cells are over-represented among genes that are permanently silenced in ...
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further research on Amniotic stem cells

The researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C., were able to get the amniotic cells to differentiate into fat, bone, muscle, blood, nerve and liver cells.

One advantage is that these cells, unlike embryonic stem cells, don't form tumors when implanted into mice.
Isnt that just dandy for the mouse.

But even more important, because amniotic fluid is so easy to harvest, it would make it possible ...
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Adult Stem Cells Found in Hair Follicles

Adult Stem Cells Found in Hair Follicles
12.15.06, 12:00 AM ET

FRIDAY, Dec. 15 (HealthDay News) -- Adult stem cells found in the bulge of hair follicles may provide an alternative to embryonic stem cells, say researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.
Like embryonic stem cells, these epidermal neural crest stem cells have a high degree of plasticity, can be isolated at high levels of purity, and can be expanded in culture, ...
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Dr Atkins in Canada

Dont know if its already here somewhere, but:

“Harry is a huge asset,” said Dr. Rudnicki. “He’s a one-man catalytic engine starting up these Phase One and Phase Two clinical trials, from the heart through to MS and rheumatoid arthritis.

I dont think I have read of his trials?
Dr. Atkins has used stem cells from patients’ own blood to halt virulent cases of MS

Working closely with neurologist Dr. Mark Freedman, he developed ...
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Does stem cell treatment cause tumours?

I live in Cyprus with my mother who has MS (as does her brother) and we've just been told the Institute of Neurology will not go ahead and do the treatment because it causes tumours. Does anyone have any information about this and if it is true? We are not thinking of going to Holland to do the treatment.
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