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Stem cell breakthrough

Dear all,

In the UK today the tv news has lead with reports of a major breakthrough in stem cell research. Link to BBC website attached.

All the best


But the reports were mainly about a more significant breakthrough made by the South Koreans - I will post info when it's available. See attached link.
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Pushing the boundaries of stem cell research

It's a long article, but worth the read. At least someone is doing something. ... one=Health

Israeli scientists are pushing the boundaries of an already cutting-edge
field: stem cell research. They have grown heart cells from human
embryonic stem cells and have established companies promising, among
other things, to produce new blood vessels, regenerate cartilage and
heal spinal cord injuries.

Coming together from both academia and industry, they ...
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Possible new source of Stem Cells:HAIR!

"Stem cells found in mouse hair follicles can develop into brain cells and other cell types, researchers report. The finding suggests human hair follicles may be an effective, accessible locale in which to harvest these regenerative cells."

Click the following link to the whole article.
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Adult Stem Cells from Nose

More encouraging news...

Australia Scientists Grow Adult Stem Cells from Nose

Mar 24 - Reuters - With the help of the Catholic Church, Australian researchers have successfully grown adult stem cells harvested from the human nose, avoiding the ethical and legal problems associated with embryonic stem cells.

Australia bans creating human embryos to harvest stem cells but scientists may use embryos left over from IVF (in-vitro fertility) treatment. Stems cells harvested through other means, such ...
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Stem cell surgery in China - NZ Patient with Motor Neurone

Stem-cell op had immediate effect, says daughter
22 March 2005
-Daily News

Rotorua woman Willie Terpstra is showing signs of physical improvement after controversial stem cell surgery in China she hopes will extend her life.

Mrs Terpstra, 64, was diagnosed with the degenerative condition motor neurone disease about a year ago. Since then she has had difficulty with everyday activities such as talking and eating.

She is the first New Zealander to undergo the ...
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endogenous stem cell activation

This sounds promising in the long term...

Brain's Own Stem Cells Might Fight Alzheimer's

Mon Mar 14, 7:02 PM ET - By E.J. Mundell - HealthDay Reporter - HealthDay News - Like many neurodegenerative illnesses, Alzheimer's disease (news - web sites) is characterized by the uncontrolled death of precious brain cells. But in their unique ability to develop into any cell type, stem cells have long held out the tantalizing hope of replenishing neurons lost ...
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Canadian researchers find new stem cell source

Canadian researchers find new stem cell source
Canadian Press ... hub=Health

TORONTO — A part of the umbilical cord once thought to have no value has been found to contain a rich source of stem cells, offering hope for improved success in bone-marrow transplants and tissue repair, Canadian researchers say.

The stem cells are found in the connective tissue surrounding blood vessels in the umbilical cord and can ...
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Cowboy hopes stem-cell surgery will let him walk again

Not MS, but someone is willing to try something. ... 09.html?p=

Cowboy hopes stem-cell surgery will let him walk again

Last Updated Wed, 09 Feb 2005 19:45:05 EST
CBC News

KELVINGTON, SASK. - A horse trainer in eastern Saskatchewan is
preparing to undergo an experimental operation in China that he hopes
will help him to recover the ability to walk.

On April 14, 2002, Casey Peterson was training ...
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Human Embryos

The BBC is today reporting that a licence is to be sought for research into Motor Neurone Disease by a respected UK academic Prof Ian Wilmut. Discussion on the air waves suggests that this licence is very likely to be granted and that this research would have wider field of interest (MS?).

From the BBC
Professor Ian Wilmut and a team at Kings College in London plan to clone early stage embryos to study ...
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Canadien MS/Stem Cell Research ... 779328_11/?

A Canadian woman is taking part in a remarkable study to help doctors learn how to stop multiple sclerosis in its tracks. But it's a dangerous and daring protocol that could risk her life.

Dyan Dixon has suffered from MS for more than 10 years. It's a cruel disease that appears to cause the immune system to go on the attack without warning.

Dyan suffers daily ...
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