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Human Embryos

The BBC is today reporting that a licence is to be sought for research into Motor Neurone Disease by a respected UK academic Prof Ian Wilmut. Discussion on the air waves suggests that this licence is very likely to be granted and that this research would have wider field of interest (MS?).

From the BBC
Professor Ian Wilmut and a team at Kings College in London plan to clone early stage embryos to study ...
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Canadien MS/Stem Cell Research ... 779328_11/?

A Canadian woman is taking part in a remarkable study to help doctors learn how to stop multiple sclerosis in its tracks. But it's a dangerous and daring protocol that could risk her life.

Dyan Dixon has suffered from MS for more than 10 years. It's a cruel disease that appears to cause the immune system to go on the attack without warning.

Dyan suffers daily ...
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Cell death in stroke victims

Dear all,

Article from the BBC website on the reasons for cell death in stroke victims. No mention of ms but glutamate has been discussed before on this ste. Probably of interest to OddDuck and those with a scientifc bent.

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Concerns about stem cells

Dear all,

As usual with this disease what looks like a promising avenue turns out not to be as promising as initially thought - see attached article from the BBC website:


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Stem Cells-now named Regenerative Therapy

There was a TV prog. on the National Geographic Channel last night in the UK about Stem Cell or REGENERATIVE THERAPY.
Here's a brief and slightly dis-jointed account of a review which I'm in the middle of preparing of that prog.

"After sitting through this programme I have to admit that I can see POTENTIAL here!

They are calling it REGENERATIVE THERAPY and for starters, I see no ethical issues here whatsoever as they do ...
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Three way attack on MS

Dear all,

In October 2004 the UK MS Society held its national MS convention. The presentation from one its its senior advisers (Alan Thompson) has only recently been posted on its website. His presentation was forward looking and encouraging. He said that:

'We need to suppress inflammation, we need to protect axons, and we need to encourage repair, three things. Now I’ll tell you right at the beginning that most of our focus up until ...
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Israeli Stem-Cell Technology Repairing Nerves

Israeli technology aims to use stem-cells to repair neurological damage such as that which results from Parkinson’s disease.

The technology was developed at Tel Aviv University and is being used by BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, which has established an Israeli subsidiary tocommercialize it. The patent-pending technology, called NurOwn, is based on discoveries made by Professor Eldad Melamed, head of Neurology at Rabin Medical Center, and expert cell biologist Dr. ...
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Adult Stem Cell Research May Benefit Multiple Sclerosis

Adult Stem Cell Research May Benefit Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer Victims

by Maria Vitale Gallagher Staff Writer
December 8, 2004

Washington, DC ( -- Some exciting new developments in adult stem cell research are being reported at leading medical conferences.

The developments raise new questions about the wisdom of rival embryonic stem cell research, which has had negligible impact on the world of scientific research and is ethically ...
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Very interesting...

I can't comment on this but find it intriguing. If this treatment really works....!,,1363260,00.html

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Cord blood stem cells cure paralysis

Another one on cord blood.

Now if this is legit. Why dosen't somebody get going and try it in MS patients? ... 253284.inp

Cord blood stem cells cure paralysis
3:23 PM November 28

A South Korean woman paralysed for 20 years is walking again after scientists repaired her damaged spine using stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood.

Hwang Mi-Soon, 37, had been bedridden since damaging her back ...
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