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Discuss stem cells, adult and embryonic, and their therapeutic potential for MS here.

Not DX yet. Are their options AFTER Transplant?

I know that Stem Cell Therapy and now the Myelin Repair Research are two things to look on the radar in terms of MS treatments. I am wondering what are the drawbacks to the Stem Cell Transplant. They can be pretty brutal on the body and from those who receive stem cell transplants for issues other than MS (such as cancer), one cannot receive various forms of treatment afterwards.

If someone who has MS gets ...
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Growing mini organs from stem cells

The boom in mini stomachs, brains, breasts, kidneys and more
Biologists are building banks of 'organoids', and learning a lot about human development on the way. ... re-1.18064

It was an otherwise normal day in November when Madeline Lancaster realized that she had accidentally grown a brain. For weeks, she had been trying to get human embryonic stem cells to form neural rosettes, clusters of cells that can ...
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Does Stem-Kine truly release stem cells into bloodstream?

Has anyone here tried it, and if so, how did it work out?
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Hadassah Medical Center at Israel Conducts Breakthrough Trial for Treatment of MS

The unprecedented trial of the injection of stem cells directly into the cerebrospinal fluid, brings hope to millions of patients worldwide suffering from MS.

A 43 year old woman, suffering from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, is currently treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. She will be the first of 48 patients who will partake in Hadassah’s breakthrough clinical trial, in which she will ...
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Information On Various Stem Cell Clinics Inquiry

Hello to all,

My post may seem simple but since I know that posting of specific information can be a somewhat problematic issue (at least on other forums) I was hoping to get opinions on clinics where people with RRMS have had favorable outcomes.

I have found a clinic in India that does 4 intrathecal catheter treatments and 4 intravenous treatments with MUSC. I have MRI issues, particularly in my neck and two spots in ...
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HSCT (non-myelo) for progressive MS patients?

What are peoples thoughts on this treatment for progressive forms of MS?

It doesn't look like a nice thing to go through but unlike MS drugs you only have one procedure and your done,

although ive read it doesnt work for everyone as saw a 80% success rate

but who know if that 80% will still be progression free in 10 years time

What do others think about this treatment for progressive ms?

Relapsing MS ...
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Placenta cell focus of potential new treatment

A study, Human Placenta-Derived Cells (PDA-001) For The Treatment Of Adults With Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomised, Placebo-Controlled, Multiple-Dose Study, published in the journal Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders and led by researchers at Mount Sinai in New York and Celgene Cellular Therapeutics, has revealed an infusion based on cells derived from the placenta proved to be safe for patients with multiple sclerosis and a promising new treatment for the condition......... Read More -
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Time to work on stem cells

Hi everybody.

I'm new here. I'm doing my master of Genetics. Recently I must select a thesis topic.
One of my selection is stem cell. I want to know how long does it take to work on stem cell? I heard it takes long (more than 2 years).
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