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Stem Cells

I suggest the stem cells topic be broken into specific treatments. HSCT (hematopoietic stem cell transplant) aka bone marrow transplant is a different procedure than having placenta derived mesenchymals injected in the vein or spine. In the states, this procedure (HSCT) is performed at Northwestern University hospital in Chicago under the guidance of Dr. Richard Burt. It isn't a new procedure. It has been around since the 1980's and is FDA approved for blood and ...
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How bout a "like" button peoples posts?

I feel like this could benefit the forum if it was part of the website. Many times people will post things that are very informative and helpful. New members would find them that much more helpful if 10 other people agree with what the person has said.

Also many times I would go to answer someone's question but someone has already answered it much better than me lol. So I keep to my self because ...
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the teaMS study-research to raise awareness about life w/ MS

I am a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at the University at Albany, SUNY. Together with my advisor, I am conducting a new online survey examining thoughts, emotions, and adjustment to MS (the teaMS study). We are inviting people with MS to share their experiences living with this disease in order to better understand the psychosocial, as well as physical, impact of MS. The survey takes about an hour to complete and all responses are ...
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Vitamin D Deficiency in MS

Just wanted to post a comment about the Vitamin D research.

My best understanding of the ''job' of Vitamin D is to transport calcium from the GI tract, into the bloodstream.
Vitamin D levels are directly impacted by the level of Calcium in the blood stream.
To maintain the proper, delicate, balance of Calcium in the blood, Vit D has to transport more or less Calcium to make sure the levels are sufficient in the ...
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Brainstorming MS

Hello everyone, member of this forum. Thank you for the opportunity given to me so i’m still here in this forum. Do you know that TIMS forum is very rich of informations, rich of experiences, rich of knowledges from every member regarding MS? Yes, of course you all know it.

I’m just a newbie here, i don’t have the power and knowledge to answer all my questions about MS alone.

When i used to go ...
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Important conclusion/note for every topic/forum?

Hi, i'm wondering if there's any place where i could see important conclusion for every post or topic related to MS? If there's none, i find myself lost here in so many informations available.

Would it be better if there's a conclusion from so many post and so many important informations each member has?

I think we all have been given a piece of puzzle that could bring us to an answer to the MS ...
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Facebook 'like' and Twitter

I don't know if TIMS has a Facebook page or Twitter account but if you do.... I run a phpbb site too and would happily supply
the little bit of code that's needed to add a Facebook like button and Tweet button at the bottom of each post.

It does help drive traffic to my site and it's a simple edit of a file via the ACP. You need to have a FB page for ...
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1. How about just "Limbo" / 2. "Bones" forum

1. Limboland sounds much like a novelty theme-park. How about just "Limbo"?
2. "Bones" forum (semi-facetious) chiropractic + surgical interventions on MS patients.

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suggestion for a forum

how about a support forum

for when things fall apart in your life and you wish you could talk about it but its not totally about ms
(losing a friend of 10 yrs who thinks you sit on your a** all day b/c he doesn't understand ms and could care less)
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Board topic order

I would guess that the moderators or the site admin can configure the order of the topics/forums within the "board index". People are clearly starting to read into the order more than is actually there. Maybe it is time to move the order of some items. Aimspro is one that sticks out in my mind that is "so last year". 8)
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