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Somebody suggested a "Limboland" board, but they dont seem to have received a response. I think its a brilliant idea


I've just realized that there isnt a "Limbolanders" board, it is so important as there are loads of people on another site having a lot of the symptoms but clear MRIs, this is such a relevant issue to us all, because why is that happening????

It would be a fantastic opportunity for those that ...
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"limboland "


Is there a limboland/awaiting diagnosis board.

People with indicative symptoms to ms but clear MRIs and LPs

also is there a translation of of abbreviations board, as new users must get confused at meanings etc.

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Mobile version?

Hi :) I was thinking earlier, a lot of sites have mobile versions now and it would be cool to have a mobile version of this site so people could look at it and post on their phones :) Just a thought :)
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alternative therapies??

Is it time for an "alternative therapy section" on thisisms? I can not imagine being newly diagnosed with MS and coming on this site looking for support or answers. The CCSVI forum has gone so many diffrent ways it is almost impossible to follow. There is information on there about cracking backs, glucose levels, inclining beds, etc. There are so many "theories" about MS that are being dicussed in the different forums it is hard ...
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Any possibility of new forum: Hypothesis – MS Not Autoimmune

Could a forum entitled something like "Hypothesis: MS is Not an Autoimmune Disease" be established so that links to PDF files of full text articles by Peter O. Behan, Chaudhuri, Bruce Trapp, John Prineas, Michael Barnett, and any others could be in one place for easy retrieval?

Does anyone here think this would be a good idea?

Example of possible first file sticky:

1. Behan, Peter O., "Futility of the Autoimmune Orthodoxy in Multiple Sclerosis ...

Add a new catagory for helmithic therapy under "treatme

Considering the growing interest in the subject, the wide scope of information pertaining to the subject, as well as the growing number of TIMS users going on helminthic treatment, I propose adding a new catagory.
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Gilenya should be added to the "Treatments" forum.
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CCSVI Info should be on the home page

The more I nose around and read threads other than CCSVI I realize that some MSers come to the site and zero in on "their drug"
thread or "their treatment" thread and they never venture onto the CCSVI information.

It is obvious to me that many new to the site ( both the newly diagnosed and the ole MSer) would benefit from a clear lead into the world ...
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Can we add a "Latest Posts category"

I belong to another forum and it looks very similar to this. I am thinking its probably the same host software, Can you add a "Most recent posts category" ? They have it and it makes it easier so we are not re-reading what we already read and we can see the latest posts in one place.

The website is called just in case you want to see ...
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more Basics for a New Patient & Family.

The encyclopedia needs updating with allof the medicalwords,jargon and abbreviations.

A how to get diagnosed and the MacDonald Scale and Diability scales would be very helpful.

Also theories section- AutoImmune vs CCSVI explained.

It took me a long time....too long to undestand the disease and most of it was not from here and all of that should be here

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