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Ideas for things you'd like to see?

more Basics for a New Patient & Family.

The encyclopedia needs updating with allof the medicalwords,jargon and abbreviations.

A how to get diagnosed and the MacDonald Scale and Diability scales would be very helpful.

Also theories section- AutoImmune vs CCSVI explained.

It took me a long time....too long to undestand the disease and most of it was not from here and all of that should be here

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subforums in ccsvi forum

Because of the vast count of posts and therefor to improve the accessibility I wanted to suggest to further divide the ccsvi forum in sub-forums.

For example:
- General
- Research/Press
- Individual Patient tracking
- Diagnosis/Treatment/Rehab

How do you think about that? Would that be technically possible at all?

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Separate listings for each person on CCSVI tracking

Hi....I'd like to see a separate tracking for each person on CCSVI so we can easily see when there are updates. Thanks Smokey
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Parents with MS

Could be nice to have a forum for parents with ms, and how to cope with family life. How to devide the family workload, and how to cope with the never ending feeling of guilt for not beeing able to give the kiddies what they need.
My two year old, does not understand that her mammi needs to rest in the afternoons, or why I have to sit down for 10 minutes. I often push ...
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Download CCSVI dossier

Wouldn't it be wise to have a complete download of the necessary files re.CCSVI to bring to the doctor?

The download section should contain that, no?
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Live Chatroom

Would be great to have a button to go to live chat. Then people online that want to talk in real time can
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insurance & disability forum

Insurance & related topics.
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Update the home page

When I first started coming here, not knowing anything about MS, I did alot of reading on the front page of this site. Only to much later realize that everything was very much dated.

I know there are always new people checking out this site, but many may give up before even finding the forums as the site appears old.

Just a suggestion.

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undiagnosed forum????

How about a forum for those of us still looking for a dx? I know there are quite a few of us in here, and whether the eventual diagnossis is MS or not, a forum to discuss our journey, or to ask questions of those who've experienced similar issues could be beneficial.

Good idea? Bad idea? Comments?

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Help with search functions

I would like a topic that explains the basics of searching the site and forums etc...

I can never get the search to find anything. I am sure it is just me but I know I could sure use the help. I would bet I am not the only one that finds this difficult.

Maybe put it down here in the bottom section and you could do a sticky with the basics of: to find ...
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