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Employment, insurance and disability issues

Is it possible to get this added as a category? People post on this topic in other categories, but threads get buried.

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I was wondering if we may be able to start....

a new topic under the title Revimmune, or close to it.

I'm on a list of 65 people, with more being added everyday to receive the treatment as soon as facility is found. There are quite a few of us who are very interested in the progress with this.


Chris T. Young
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Suggestion on Sleep disorder as a symptom

I suggest and I’m begging you to create a site where the symptoms can be enumerated and possible diagnoses can be given. That would be a great help to both the patient and the doctor and your site will surely increase in popularity. I'm suffering from sleep deprivation eversince my accident last 6Sep03 which left me deaf and disabled (because I'm not able to balance probably because I’m deaf). I think a brain trauma resulted ...
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notifying the moderator


I was wondering if one could flag a particular post to be evaluated by the moderators. I mention this as I see someone else has posted something inappropriate.

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Effectiveness of Treatments Survey

Okay - so I know I am new but I stumbled on this website today. Yes it's people's subjective opinions of what is working, what's hurting and what's not but it's still pretty darn informative when there are so many choices same as in MS. So many of the treatments below are MS treatments as well.

Any chance ThisIsMS could do a survey like this?
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Online collaboration

Aaron, I thought that on a few issues it might be useful if we could have reference pages which people work collaboratively to annotate/update (wikipedia model). There have, for example, been lots different threads with info on blood tests that would be useful in identifying potential contributing factors (B12, Uric Acid, VitD). If we could collaborate on a list of essential and optional blood tests I think that would be huge help for people to ...
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Chat rooms????

I really love this site. It gives me hope and a lot of information that I need. There are a lot of people on this site that I would love to get to know. I think the more we know each other, the more we may be able to help each other. With all that said, I was wondering how everyone feels about having chat rooms????
Arron, would that be possible? That way, if ...
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new forum

my suggestion is for a forum for those on the "marshal protocol".
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Symptom specific forum topics


Great board. Thank you SOOO much!

I was wondering if you would consider discussions on different areas, or body systems:

- eyes
- bladder
- muscles

etc. :)

It helps a lot to hash some of those things out with others who have experienced / are experiencing the same.

Thanks for the great service!

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MS patients in the Media (TV, film, etc.)

Hi Aaron and the gang :) ~First, thank you so much for setting up the "MS in the Golden Years" forum. I had no idea it could be so easy to get a whole new forum topic started! Unfortunately now you've got me drunk with power :twisted: . I have another suggestion. And it's purely recreational, so if ...
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