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enlarging the text ?

Many of us are vision impaired, making it impossible to read or participate in the forums,any chance of enlarging the text size ?

I sure find the topics interesting but honestly cannot read the posts, it's a shame that those with vision differculties cannot participate.

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A "Logistical" Suggestion

At the moment, it is possible for someone to post here without registering. They post as "Guest." The problem is that a lot of people who are registered wind up posting as "Guest" because they forget to sign in. Because a "Guest" post can't be modified, if you make a mistake on one of those posts you can't go back and fix it or delete it.

My suggestion is to do what most other bulletin ...
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Great Board! - Just love it....

trouble is with fading vision, it is getting harder and harder to read....

Any chance of "skin options" that support enlarging of text ?
Then for those that need them they are an option

(I may be able to help with this if you need it - although I doubt you do)

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New forums?

Sorry, time to leave the board.

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"Life" section addition

Is it possible to move the "Reading Nook" post in General Discussion into a subcategory of the Life Section?


In the hopes of it being spotted easier and getting more submissions...

let me know what you think...

please and thanks!

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search members by location

i would love to be able to search members by this a possibility?
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Newest Posts

:idea: Is it possible to have a link or button that will querey on th emost recent posts and display them by date order? Perhaps it is already available, but I cannot find it... :?

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For friends and family

How about a forum for friends and family? There must be others who have questions about how best to support those we love. And there must be things you want to tell us, too.

I found this list on a newspaper advice column and have just listed the high points;

Don't assume that because I look well, I feel well.
Don't say, "I know how you feel.'
Don't tell me about someone else and how ...
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A humour board

Hi!It would be good to have a board where people can laugh about their day to day experiences with ms, to combat some of the stress that goes with this illness. Just a thought! G rated of course! Susannah
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Spell Checker

Just wondering if a spell checker would be possible. MS and misspelled words seem to go hand in hand. :lol:
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