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Discuss Tecfidera (BG-12, dimethyl fumarate) as an oral treatment for multiple sclerosis.

dry mouth?

I have been on this med for 4 months and the flushing only comes once in a while. But I have had extreme dry mouth ever since I started the medication. It usually starts within 3-4 hours of taking my first dose of the day. Does anyone else have this? If so what can I do to get rid of it?
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NICE recommends new treatment option for MS

NICE recommends new treatment option for multiple sclerosis Tecfidera (Dimethyl fumarate)

In final guidance, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended the use of Biogen Idec’s multiple sclerosis drug, dimethyl fumarate (also called Tecfidera).

The NHS now has a legal obligation to begin funding this treatment for eligible patients within the next 3 months...... Read More -
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My post was here but now it's gone. Can anyone tell me if aspirin will help with the intense itching from Tec? the flushing, or rather skin crawling with fire followed by pins and needles-ish itching kept me up all night and I ended up calling in sick today because I was so wiped out. Obviously, this is not a sustainable solution for dealing with side effects.

Can others please tell me what they do ...
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Tecfidera, my blog

Hi there,

I'm new here. Diagnosed with MS, about 6 months ago and started Tecfidera about two weeks ago.

I started a blog, initially meant to track my progress with Tecfidera. Basically, have a testimony of the good or the bad whichever comes as forums, naturally, show more bad than good. Which is normal because you tend to go there when things don't go great.

I'll try to keep it updated and cover more about ...
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Tecfidera - Light Headedness?

Hi All,
I am new to posting on the board but have been a long time reader. Everyone who adds to the dialogue are truly wonderful people for sharing and sharing some more of their personal stories.
My question: I have been on Tecfidera for roughly 9 weeks (2 months; 1 week). For the passed month I have been experiencing terrible light headedness. Not as much dizzy, no vertigo, just as if my blood sugar ...
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Tecfidera side effect: hair loss?

I have been experiencing a major increase in the amount of hair that I naturally lose from washing hair/brushing hair. It started a few weeks ago but seems to be gradually getting worse. My thyroid levels are good and haven't had any crazy I'm assuming this is a side effect of Tecfidera. I haven't seen a lot of other people experiencing the same thing on this particular medication though. Luckily I had really thick ...
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Weight gain & numbness

Has anyone else gained weight? I've been on it for almost a month and gained 3lbs while eating less. And changing my diet. I've eliminated, gluten, sugar and all processed foods. I feel better, but I'm sure it's the diet. Also, last night for the very first time the top of my right foot and ankle went numb for a while. And it didn't 'tingle' after as if it had been 'asleep'. As it would ...
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Do you have the ringing in your ears?

Feeling optimistic but man the ringing in your ears can make it hard to sleep at night. Anyone know of some vitamins that may help? :geek:
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One year on Tecfidera

Hi everyone. I have been on Tecfidera for a little over one year now. Initially, I had extreme abdominal issues (cramping, pain, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, etc). I also had a lot of difficulty with severe redness in the face/neck and an itchy rash on my arms. I followed Ladymac's advice and posted a regimen that worked for me (it is in on the side effects forum for Tecfidera). Anyway, one year later I am doing ...
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Rash & red itchy spots

Hi, I'm having a problem that I don't think any others are having. Or I haven't found it yet. I have a small rash on my forehead and the whole forehead itches like crazy. I also have red itchy spots on my upper body. The body spots I know started with the med. I've put cortisone, coconut oil, and a campor salve on both, they don't help. A Benadril cuts it some. But I itch ...
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