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Relevance of anti-myelin antibodies in MS (Rpt Post)

The title looks very interesting for people interested in Tovaxin. It also seemed generally applicable, so I also posted it under "General Discussion".

I have yet to read it.
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First Injection

I go for my first injection of Tovaxin tomorrow (01/24/07). Check my blog for updates.
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Loobie's second shot update

Hello all,

I still haven't the foggiest if this is real or placebo effect. However, I have a small update that I'm trying not to get too excited about. Although I have RRMS, everything about my progression has been a bit odd. Allow me to explain:

My first symptom was ON. It was (and is) not typical. My eyesight would only get bad when I exerted myself or got heated (it doesn't take much heat). ...
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Injection site reaction to Tovaxin

Hi to all,

I have corrected a posting on my site concerning my having an injection site reaction. There is a quick link at the top of the site to the information. I have read numerous posts about looking forward to seeing an injection site reaction, and this may act as a reverse placebo effect. If a patient does not see an injection site reaction, they may believe ...
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Anyone - T-Cell Vaccination (Sheba Medical Center) trial?

We have seen that we have quite a few people here that are in the Phase IIb Tovaxin Trial, but I haven't read of anyone who is in the Phase III "T-Cell Vaccination (Sheba Medical Center)".

I would expect that the Phase III trial would be bigger, and therefore there would be more of us in it. Anyone?
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Only T-Cells?

I remember reading that some treatments that have shown promise, actually work on the B-Cells. Now, I dont understand all the medicall stuff behind the immune system, but from what I have read, they should also be able to identify B-Cells that are involved in this disease?

Could they not make a "vaccine" that targetted both T-Cells & B-Cells? wouldn't we expect this to be a more complete treatment? or have they tried doing both ...
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Tovaxin projected cost?

Has anyone herd a projection of the expected costs of this treatment if it isnt subsidised?
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Opexa Presentation

I felt that this was a good place to repost this information. The presentation, given by David McWilliams (Opexa CEO) on October 31, 2006 at the Towbin Life Sciences Investor Conference in New York, was freely accessible on the web. It has been converted to an easy to read and print pdf format. It's now available at for the time being as Lyon has graciously offered to host ...
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T-Cell Vacine & Tovaxin

A quick question to get this all started.

Does anyone know the specific differences between Tovaxin & TCV or as found in Dignan list " T-Cell Vaccination (Sheba Medical Center)". It would seem to me that Tovaxin is one companies brand/marketing name for something a number of researches are playing with.

To give another example this site is off a link lyon gave when talking specifically about tovaxin, but clearly it has noithing to ...
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