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A board to discuss Tcelna as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Off-Topic Reminder!

Okay, Tovaxinites, get out there today and VOTE! I hear that some precincts are providing free coffee and Dunkin'/ Krispy Kremes. Do let me know if you're in one of those districts... I may meander over and join you...

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Racing Against the Clock

Disclosure: While Kim is on ABX, I have been vouyeristicly interested in Tovaxin and have been hoping for it’s success. I even invested in the stock, which I still have.

Opexa released a 10-Q today. The 10-Q is a report that public companies are required to submit to the securities and exchange commission. There are often some interesting nuggets of knowledge in these reports and I thought folks here might be interested in what Opexa ...
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New Data from Opexa

Opexa Provides Additional Promising Data Including Statistically Significant Reduction in Disability With Tovaxin® for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Tovaxin Also Demonstrates Reduction in Relapse Risk and Myelin T-cell Reactivity in Patients With More Active Disease

THE WOODLANDS, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:OPXA), a company dedicated to the development of patient-specific cellular therapies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and diabetes, today announced additional positive data from the company’s Phase ...
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Av8rgirl's results on Tovaxin - Phase IIb

I started the screening process for the Phase IIb trial in Jan of 2007. I received my first vaccine in March and the last vaccine on 9/21/2007.

In July of 2007, I had a major exacerbation which was treated with 3 days of IVSM.

The trial ended for me on April 1, 2008. Two weeks later, I had another exacerbation which was treated with 3 days of IVSM.

I was dx'd with RRMS in March ...
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Tovaxin trial monitoring arm

Howdy - I'm brand new to this website and forum but I've been emailing with someone else in the Tovaxin study in Chicago who let me know about this site. I know I received the vaccine during phase IIb, but I've been testing negative for MRTCs ever since and have one last monitoring blood draw in mid December, results expected right after Christmas. I actually had my second attack during the monitoring arm a few ...
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Mike's 100 Day Story

Howdy all,

I'm a few days early here but what the heck!

My MS:
I am 42 years old and my first MS attack was in October 2003 and the actual MS diagnosis came during my second attack in August 2004. The majority of my lesions are in my spinal cord so my symptoms are exclusively motor and sensory and manifest as problems with stamina in my legs, overall balance problems, sluggish left hand and ...
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Tovaxin phase II failure

Hi all. My name is Ed. I have a sister with MS and I was e-mailing Chris about HiCy when I mentioned to him that I was following Tovaxin also.

If we all take a step back from the emotion surrounding Tovaxin -- believe me, I carry my sister in my heart every single day -- the only rational conclusion you can come to is that Tovaxin, at best, does not work ("no statistical difference ...
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A big coincidence?

After looking at the results of the last trial I think it is a strange coincidence that Tim (who has strong ties with Opexa) benefited so much from Tovaxin.
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Another D'oh!!

More food for thought I received an email today stating:

"Upon receiving a google alert today regarding Tovaxin and not reaching endpoints etc etc. I thought I would see what Tim had to say….guess what “” is now a math site. Where did Tim’s blog go?


Hoping yours doesn’t go anywhere should the high dose stuff you’re on fail to perform. (of course I root for anyone who has the guts to try this ...
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This is interesting....

- ARR for Tovaxin-treated patients was 0.214 as compared to 0.339 for placebo-treated patients. Consistent with ARRs seen in previously conducted clinical trials for Tovaxin, this result is at the lower end of the spectrum of documented relapse rates demonstrated in controlled two-year clinical studies of currently marketed products (range from 0.2 to 0.9).

- For patients who had an ARR > 1 in the year prior to the study, Tovaxin demonstrated a 55 percent ...
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