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A board to discuss the newly-released drug Tysabri, (formerly known as Antegren) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

I can't wait!

Yesterday I saw my neuro, to check whether Copaxone had any effect on my brain health seen on MRI.
Unfortunately, after 6 months of daily self shooting, nothing, or actually something: 20 more active lesions + two relapses.
My neuro who is a bit hyper-active did not take ages to decide,
I'll take Tysabri in one month since she needs before this to have the agreement of 5 other neuros(so it is in France). ...
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Tysabri helps maintain vision in MS

I think this report is worth reading, but it's also worth bearing in mind who "supported" this study, (the manufacturers: it's in the last few lines)...

<>Public release date: 16-Apr-2007

Contact: Kate Olderman <>
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine <>
Penn researchers find treatment for MS also reduces vision loss in MS patients
First MS study ...
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Considering Tysabri

Hi Everybody,

I'm thinking about Tysabri, see my doctor on 04/18. I'm eligible for it, checked yesterday with my insurance company. According to them, they could have it set up and sent out to my doctor in 3 business days!

I know the history of T, and my drug history... my tentative plan is, if it works, then take it for 1-2 years until we have the next super-duper drug available with less known bad ...
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Discontinuing Tysabri due to worsening

It's great that everybody is having such good results with Ty, but I have just decided to STOP after 5 infusions, because of continued worsening of symptoms. No improvements at all... not even a tiny bit! Now, I should consider myself "lucky", since I only have leg weakness and inability to walk unaided. NO other symptoms, except poor circulation in feet due to lack of walking. I have been on a steady decline over the ...
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Message for All Current Tysabri Patients

Hi everyone,

As some of you know, I was one of the MS patients that testified (via video) before the FDA AC Hearings on March 7, 2006, in an effort to voice a patient's opinions re: Tysabri and try to bring Tysabri back to those of us who want/need it as an option to fight our disease.

A small group of us formed the all-volunteer non-sponsored website that provides accurate and up-to-date information on ...
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TYsabri is back!

I am glad TYSABRI is back! I was on it once in January 2 years ago. I took my husband to NY for his 40th birthday in February and remember waking up that Saturday (2 weeks after my infusion) and turning to my husband and saying "I feel normal" I kept waiting for side effects and they never came. It was pulled off of the market right before my second treatment. I was bummed and ...
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Tysabri infused in Canada

I was talking to the Biogen/Tysabri toll-free help line yesterday and Monday and according to them the first two Tysabri infusions were to take place today in the northern Ontario (central Canada) city of Sudbury (2001 population - approximately 155,000).

So it looks like Tysabri has arrived in Canada. :)

Any Canadians out there who have been infused could you please share your experiences.

From the sunny ...
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tysabri update after third infusion

I had my third Tysabri infusion on Jan. 12 and I want to share the little things I've been noticing:
Once in a while, I take a few "normal" steps.
The numbness in my left hand comes and goes, but has nearly gone away.
I am not so tired.
The ringing in my right ear has lessened and has even gone away for a few seconds at a time.
Sometimes I can freely move my ...
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I love Tysabri!!

I had my first Tysabri infusion on December 8. I was EXTREMELY nervous, but I had been on Betaseron for 3 years, and I suffered 2 exacerbations within 5 months, the 2nd of which took me out of work for 4 months! I had developed some spinal cord lesions, which caused some sensory issues in all of my limbs. I had a mild headache the evening of my first infusion, but I took some advil, ...
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how much are you paying for Tysabri?

My friend is DESPERATELY trying to get his Ty. Been approved by TOUCH, but has a $%&**^%$ Neuro, in my opinion. A long story, but I will condense. He dropped his Medicare supplement because of price. Had to get it back because Neuro wouldn't consider Ty without it. Now, after MUCH run around, the place that would take his Medicare Part B and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Supplement, wants $500.00 up front each visit. ...
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