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A board to discuss the newly-released drug Tysabri, (formerly known as Antegren) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Biogen Idec, Elan facing suits over MS drug side effects

Despite living with multiple sclerosis since 1997, Kimberley A. Yout kept a busy schedule, working full time as a money manager for a Boston bank and modeling in her spare time.

That changed on Aug. 28 of last year when Yout, 45, was diagnosed with a rare brain infection that developed as a side effect of Tysabri, a drug she took for six years to keep her MS in check. Yout’s speech became slurred, her ...
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Tysabri rebound?

There is some research data about "tysabri rebound" effect.. but what causes it? Is there any scientific data about it?
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touch program

anybody else think that the biggest problem with Tysabri, besides the fear of PML, is the annoying phone calls from the drug reps. If you don't return the call, they start blowing up your phone and emailing you. If you do return the call, they have nothing to say except repeat stock phrases from the brochures, the feign concern, and then have a scary serious tone that makes you wonder what the previous calls to ...
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PML Cases now 372

The number of PML cases has risen another 13 during the past month, bringing the new total to 372. It isn't slowing down!

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Sister just diagnosed with PML

My sister was just diagnosed with PML on Monday and I am just looking for another individuals who have gone through this! If anyone can point me in the right direction or has had PML and wouldn't mind sharing their experience it would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!
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Early development of anti-natalizumab antibodies in MS

Early development of anti-natalizumab antibodies in MS patients


The purpose of this study is to monitor the development of anti-natalizumab antibodies to evaluate their first appearance in multiple sclerosis patients, since their presence has been associated with a reduction in the efficacy of the treatment and an increase of adverse events...... Read More -
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update on Tysabri--August 2013

According to e-healthme, a reporting site which is based on reports by the FDA and self-reporting of actual patients, on May 22, 2013--
90,168 people reported to have side effects when taking Tysabri.
Among them, 665 people (0.74%) have died.
359 people are currently reported to have PML.

But there have been more Tysabri deaths documented, linked to antibody reactions, lethal ...
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Now 359 cases of PML!

Unfortunately the Tysabri related cases of PML have jumped 12 from last month bringing the new total to 359. Don't know if there has been any additional deaths. It isn't getting any better.

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Need Name of Doctor for PML Management and Treatment ASAP

Has anyone had current or recent experience with PML?
Whom, in addition to Biogen, should be contacted for consultation for PML management and treatment?
Who are the expert doctors in this field?
My nephew is currently hospitalized and getting his second session of plasma exchange for PML treatment. He was on Tysabri for five years and was just diagnosed with PML.
Thank you.
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Any Tysabri users want to change my mind?

Just took my blood test to find out if I have the JC virus(hope I spelled right). If I am negative, the neurologist strongly recommends Tysabri. If I am positive, then they want to go with Avonex. Being the positive person that I am at 35, I'm thinking I am gonna be negative. So anyone out there in this MS world want to tell me their experience with Tysabri? Anything I should prepare for? I ...
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