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A board to discuss the newly-released drug Tysabri, (formerly known as Antegren) as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Biogen/Elan delay release of Phase III Antegren data


This is probably not a major development. They are still on course to get it approved at the end of the year in the US. The article does mention that there is speculation that this might be a sign that an antegren/avonex combination study is not yielding desired results.
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A desperate mother searching for hope!

My 36 year old daughter was diagnosed with MS 2.5 years ago and now has secondary progressive. her MS is "very aggressive and very bad" according to her neurologist, and they have 'thrown everything they have at it with no avail". She has serious vision problems that do not go away and can barely walk or use her hands. She has two small childen and I am in absolute despair about what is happening to ...
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Early approval for Antegren

Can someone revisit and summarize what Antegren means to the MS community, listing the positive benefits and the potential downside and side effects?

There seems to be lot of new people onboard. Perhaps we all can share in some hope in the near future.

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Elan starts to produce new MS drug

Irish Examiner
Elan starts to produce new MS drug

By Conor Keane, Business Correspondent
ELAN has started production of Antegren, its multiple sclerosis (MS) drug, in advance of a possible launch in 2005.

Elan gave a detailed briefing to stockbroking analysts on Monday. They were told the company anticipates approval for Antegren from the US Food and Drug Administration to permit sales to start by early 2005.

Merrion's Peter Frawley said, in a note to ...
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With Antegren around the corner, any ideas what the cost is going to be? I have heard as much as $30,000-$40,000 a year! I guess only time will tell, but for that kind of money, it better work!

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Antegren in my e-mail

Got this in an MS e-mail this morning.......More good news about Antegren.....Kim

Antegren Could Be Available in US as Early as 2005

Thought there were no new MS drugs on the horizon? Think again. In February, drug manufacturers Biogen and Elan jointly announced that they will file for FDA approval of Antegren (natalizumab) in mid-2004, a year earlier than scheduled. That means that the novel drug, if approved, could become available in the US as ...
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Efficiency of Antegren

Hey! I just read an article that stated that Antegren was 30% more effective than placebo. I thought it was much more effective than that? Has there been new information released regarding how effective it is? I know the CRAB's are about 30% effective. Someone PLEASE tell me this was a typo and that it is in fact better than that!!!
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Was on news. Biogen/Idec is filing with FDA early for approval of Antegren.
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Antegren for Crohn's

Hey everyone! Is anyone else a little concerned about Antegren being approved for Crohn's? It was just a few months ago that it was reported that the Antegren study did not meet its designated endpoints and that it was a big disappointment for those with Crohn's. Now, just a few months later, it is going for FDA approval? Am I missing something? For me, it raises a huge red flag regarding what is true and ...
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What does your Neuro say about Antegren?

There was an interesting story just posted on the front page about how BioGen, the company making Antegren, is taking steps towards production of it. This can only be viewed as a positive sign...

A lot of people's neurologists are involved in the clinical trials for Antegren, has anyone heard anything from them about it?
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